Before we get started…

First Post, not dated

I found out that I’m moving to Finland.

I knew it was a possibility. He had applied for a position in Kentucky, but it was a long-shot. We got married June 24, 2014 in Helsinki. We found out on June 23 that he had not gotten the position in Kentucky. So…yes, that meant that I was moving to Finland, rather than him moving to the States.

So this blog is going to be about my adventures in moving to, and living in, Finland. It’s more of a diary for me, but I hope that you may enjoy reading some of the stories. I do look at this as an adventure. Exciting!

I turned the big Five-Oh this year. This year is all about ch-ch-changes. This move is just one of them. I do leave behind three beautiful daughters, my family, and my wonderful Nature’s Sleep mattress. But I am taking my wonderful Canaan Dog, Shiva! This blog will also detail my efforts to make sure I have all the paperwork. Hopefully, that part will help some other soon-to-be expat to get their pet to Finland, because it’s sort of confusing and scary.

I’m a girl of the South. I’ve lived in Panama (Central America), the Caribbean, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. The cold is not something I am familiar with, or even happy in. But as they say, go big or go home! I’m sure with a proper snowsuit, I should be safe from frostbite.

There are a lot of pluses to moving to Finland, not the least of which is that I get to finally live with my friend–>boyfriend–>fiance–>husband, finally. I can travel to other European cities with much more ease now. I love to travel! Finland has a wonderful healthcare system. Public transportation in Helsinki is a dream. Most people under the age of 50 speak decent English. I am looking forward to trying to learn Finnish. No, really. 🙂 Right now, I can be polite: Please; Thank you; How are you? I can get around a restaurant: Two glasses of wine, please; Where’s the bathroom? I can count to ten. Shiva (my dog) knows ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Come’ in Finnish. So, we’re making progress.

I’m looking forward to the move, although I will miss my girls, miss my friends. But through the miracle of technology, we have Facebook, Skype, email and all manner of ways to stay in touch without having to wait for a handwritten letter to steam its way across the Atlantic. Although postcards will be sent and hopefully received.

As I mentioned earlier, this blog is going to act more as my diary about this great change in my life. Some posts may go back in time and talk about my plans and things I have to do. Sorry for any dry and boring material. I’ll try to make up for it with interesting banter later on.

Enjoy the ride, as I know I will!


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