What do I do first?

Monday, July 7, 2014

After the news, the wedding, and the exciting Italian honeymoon (I might write a whole post on that), I finally got home to Louisiana. What do I do first?

I wandered around my apartment for a whole day and accomplished nothing. Actually, I did accomplish getting my passport name change submitted and getting an ancient phone activated (since I left mine in Helsinki).

But I seriously had no idea what to do first. I know that I need to separate things. I need a pile of things that I can take to Finland (only 3 suitcases worth of stuff!), things I want to store in North Carolina, and then a pile of stuff for the future garage sale. Problem is that I don’t have the room to set up that many piles. My youngest is supposed to be in her apartment in Baton Rouge, but she’s dragging her feet about getting done moving HER stuff (some passive-aggressive protest against my moving?). I need her room for “staging”.

Anyway, today I just did nothing except moan about how much stuff I need to do. I go to work tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do something when I get home tomorrow. Hah.

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