Today was one of those days…

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I woke up (was awakened) around 1am with a searing, painful cramp in my right calf. Took me straight up and with gasping cries. Ow, ow, ow. It /hurt/. And I had been sleeping so well for a change. It took about five minutes or so to subside (and if that doesn’t sound like a long time, may I suggest you twist your leg around backwards for that long…), and I finally went back to sleep. However, this morning, my calf was STILL sore when I woke up. Ow.

And I woke up to a nightmare, of me going to fill out my residency permit and being told that the forms were not correct, and that I’d have to go home, and I was panicking, because I didn’t want to have to take Shiva back across the Atlantic (twice more) in the cargo hold. Wow. Nice way to wake up and start worrying right off the bat.

THEN, I caught my little toe on the door jamb as I was walking out of my bedroom…you can imagine how THAT felt. Already, I wanted to crawl back to bed and start all over again.

In good news, though, I sold more furniture/stuff, and am building up my ‘ship Shiva’ bankroll. I also managed to post more stuff on FB and have about 80% of that sold pending pick-up tomorrow. And my character did not die on her first outing in the RPG that I play (my last one died a STUPID death that was totally preventable, except for some asinine move by her player – me), although she was almost hung for treason against the King. Gulp.

Afterwards, I had the appointment with the vet to get Shiva’s international heath checkup done, and I was 30 minutes early…they put me in a room 20 minutes late, and then ignored me for another 40 minutes. So I walked out and said that I would reschedule since they were so busy. I had offered to reschedule when they were already running late, but was assured, “You’re next!”. Being put in a room for 40 minutes does not count as being served. Ugh. My day was returning to typical BS.

My toe is black and blue and throbs and is making me irritable.

I am leaning towards leaving Shiva with my sister until Thanksgiving and then we will simply book AA and BA flights so that she can fly in-cabin (and I will have someone she knows sitting next to me). But a part of me wants to just get her over to Finland and be done with it. Especially before the LONG NIGHT/DAY.Which starts in early November, apparently.

That’s all for today. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better, right?

3 thoughts on “Today was one of those days…

  1. I hope tomorrow is much better for you. Yesterday started out badly, but turned out okay – you sold a lot of stuff, and that was good. Sorry about the vet appointment, that sucks.


  2. Calf cramps are actually very easy to deal with:
    Simply stand up with your cramping leg straight, shift your weight on the ball of that foot while keeping the heel on the ground and wait. It won’t take long.


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