Change of plans…

Decided to go with Plan B. My sister is going to keep Shiva until Thanksgiving. We’ve booked all AA/BA flights originating in the States and connecting through LHR, so Shiva can travel in-cabin with us. And she’ll have two sets of feet to lay across.

Plus, I got the estimate from the pet moves (my Plan C). While I am sure they do a very good job, I just can’t justify $4,995.00 for a one-way move. I just about choked on the phone. But I was very nice and thanked her for her time. Wow.

So, now to just get everything else done so *I* can move. Have a few people coming to pick things up this afternoon. I might actually be able to get everything packed up for my sister to pick up at the end of the month! I have 11 days until she gets here…countdown!2014-07-13 06.26.21 Shiva says, “Get to work!”

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