Sell, sell, sell!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Today was a productive day! I didn’t get anything done pet-transport-wise (mentioning that since it has pretty much consumed my thoughts), but I did get a lot done clean-the-apartment-wise. 🙂

Got the youngest’s bedroom mostly cleaned out and sold a bunch of bigger stuff on the local Facebook sites, which makes me feel like progress is being made. Cleaned up a corner of the dining room and have started to stack up packed boxes there in anticipation of my sister’s arrival at the end of the month.

I have a friend set to go with me to pick up the trailer the day before my sister arrives, and tentative commitments from the daughters’ boyfriends to help load it with the furniture stuff, so she and I just have to load boxes. Slowly, slowly, it’s starting to come together. And it’s not even the last minute yet!

Tomorrow’s goal is to fold up and better organize this first wave of garage sale stuff from my closet so that it isn’t dangerously tilting over (and I might even try to sell some of the better stuff via the local Facebook pages), and also be able to add to it as I clean things out. I’ll let you know how successful I am at that. I also have a vision appointment and nail appointment tomorrow, so I will be pressed for time.

My toe, by the way, is swollen, black and blue, and still hurts like a mofo. I am hoping that it has simmered down by tomorrow, because anything other than sneakers is going to hurt pretty bad.

One thought on “Sell, sell, sell!

  1. Sounds like you’re doing well, but sorry about the toe…have you gone to a doctor yet, or do you think they wouldn’t do anything except tape it to the one next to it?


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