I can’t sleep…

July 16, 2014 2:46am

I thought it was important to put the time up there. Because yeah, I can’t sleep. It’s starting to get to be crunch time, and I am still no where near ready, and I feel like I’ve been doing this for weeks. I haven’t, unfortunately. I finally got up around 1:30am, after tossing and turning, and started to clean out the bathroom. Crazy, huh? I got a garbage bag and started pitching the half-empty shampoo bottles, facial cleansers that have been expired for years, sticky soaps, etc. Any time I found myself starting a thought with, “But I might could…” nope, into the trash it went. I did allow myself a pile of “See if the kids want this stuff before I pitch it.”, but since they are coming over this afternoon, it has less than 24 hours in my possession.

I have six large tubes of brand new, still in the box, toothpaste. Really?

I know I kept too much stuff, but this is the first go-around. I feel a bit better, knowing the cabinet is cleaned out. Seriously, how many ‘rejuvenation cremes’ do I need? Obviously, at least one more than what I’m already not using. :/

Got a few more things picked up by eager buyers yesterday, but still no where near enough, and had the first of what I am sure will be many no-shows. Oh well, back on the block this stuff goes. I am seriously thinking about having the first of at least two ‘yard sales’ this weekend. Just to flush out the bulk of the stuff, and then maybe have mostly stuff to toss or donate.

I really need to start a list and focus. And I need to quit collecting ‘stuff’. Lesson learned. Now it’s a matter of getting rid of what I have ALREADY accumulated.

3 thoughts on “I can’t sleep…

  1. I’ve got similar hoarding tendencies. I think it’s partly a control-issue, and partly an issue of not wanting to give up. On much of anything, really, but that translates to not wanting to give up, say, unused cream jars. 😉

    I’m definitely glad you managed to keep yourself steered in the right direction, stuff-throwing-out-wise. That’s not easy, I know.


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