Today…feeling accomplished.

Well, I was home sick from work. I needed to stay in bed and rest, but hah! I instead dragged everything out of the cabinets, and now stuff is all over my bed and I can’t go to sleep until I take care of it. But I did manage to sell a bunch of stuff today, and more stuff is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow and Saturday.

Oh Saturday…what a glorious few hours of sheer hell that is going to be. I put an ad on Craigslist and will do the same on the Facebook sites, and I am going to have a ‘garage sale’ here at the apartments. Gates open at 8am, so at least I don’t have to worry about early birds, but it’ll be inside and EVERYTHING is for sale. It all has a price tag on it. Well, except the stuff I’ve already packed to go to North Carolina.

Strangers will be haggling with me on the price of my goods, but I will haggle right back. At least I hope they haggle. Or just buy it outright. That would be better than wandering through and leaving empty-handed.

Sold the sofa, one mattress (mine), plates, storage containers and maybe the stereo shelf and Victoria’s desk. He’ll come pay for it Saturday morning and pick up Saturday afternoon. Not a bad little take right there.

I sold the Bombay chests against my better judgment, and she’ll come by tomorrow to pay and pick up. I went ahead and posted the dresser and will see if anyone will bite on the price. If I can sell that, then I won’t need to have Cecilia drive down. Maybe I can fly her down and we can knock out the rest of this, and she can take Shiva back with her. Or I could fly Shiva to NC myself. There’s an idea. Or have one of the girls take her. Hmmm…the possibilities open up.

Speaking of Shiva. The health certificate is a complicated mess of timing. She can’t get the health certificate now, apparently. She has to have the health inspection, plus the tapeworm innoculation, plus the certification of said health certificate, all done within 5 days prior to travel. So there’s no doing anything in advance. I need to find out where the office is in North Carolina, and probably FedEx the papers back and forth. Plus, she’s due for all her shots in August, so she’ll have to get those there, too.

In addition, she had to be re-microchipped today. The one that she had wasn’t the right kind, plus it had never been registered. Now she has the right kind of microchip, plus it’s registered to me, and we have a lifetime registration through Banfield. Cool. At least she got this microchip before getting her rabies update shot.

In any case, feeling the stress. The apartment looks like the Feds have raided it for drugs. But there’s nothing in the cabinets, hiding. Victoria is coming in tomorrow, so she can help me get all this semi-organized for Saturday, then we let the hordes in. Big sell-off! Yippie-ki-yay, cowboy.

One thought on “Today…feeling accomplished.

  1. Got’a love bureaucracy. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons, and I’m also sure most of them are good, for why the Destroyer Doggie can’t get everything done to her well in advance. Still sounds liek a right pain in the arse, though.

    And ZOMG YAY ACCOMPLISHING STUFF. That’s the way to kick one’s proclivities toward procrastination in the hindquarters. 🙂 Hopefully people will just buy stuff outright (save for those people who make a blooming career out of going to garage sales). Remember to keep a cattle prod handy. Just as–incentive. 😀


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