Is that the light at the end of the tunnel…

…or the light of the oncoming train?

Well today was majorly productive! Had that meltdown last night, the headache that wouldn’t quit, crying, panicking, tightness in the chest, a sense of impending doom, all that…

Called in sick this morning. My head still hurt, I hadn’t slept a total of an hour or two and that wasn’t even a sound sleep. I felt like crap. So I stumbled back to bed, and actually slept until 7:00am. I woke up and had an epiphany. I just double downed and started loading the car. When it was full, I took all the other stuff and lined it up against the wall, took and picture and posted it on Facebook – the whole lot for a set (low) price.

Bing. Within minutes, I had a taker. Of course, then I had other takers who just wanted one particular piece, regardless of the fact that the ad said “Must take EVERYTHING, not separating, no picking through.” Reading is Fundamental, folks! She showed up at noon and hauled it all away. Victoria took the car down to the thrift store and dropped it all off. I swept and vacuumed, and the place was actually starting to look empty!

I packed up my closet with all but a few sets of clothes for work (get used to seeing me in the same outfits, folks!), and was feeling really accomplished! Took the afternoon off, other than some more sorting of ‘stuff’. Then Scott came over and helped by taking down all the curtains and curtain rods, and the shelf in the dining room.

So, Cecilia is on her way, stopping in Augusta tonight, then coming in tomorrow. I told her to call me when she got close, that I’ll come home (I can feel something coming on…), and we’ll get it all loaded up. I plan to get some spackle tomorrow from Home Depot, fill the holes and let it dry, then sand them down. The maintenance folks paint as a matter of course for new move-ins, so I just have to have it paint-ready.

If all goes well, I’m going to try and actually do the walk-through and hand over the keys by the 1st weekend of July or the first weekend of August. Then I can stay with Avery (assuming that offer still stands) until the 15th, and leave for NC on the 16th. The timing is such that I need to get Victoria’s mattress to her in Baton Rouge, her bed to Janet, and have somewhere else to crash…all in the same day. Then I can schedule the apartment for carpet cleaning, for deep cleaning of the apartment itself, then do the walkthrough.

Oh, and I have to pack the car, my computer and dismantle my desk…eh gads. So much has to happen /at once/. But…well, it /has/ to happen, so it will. Maybe not exactly the way I have it planned, but it all has to occur, so I just go with it.

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