Stage One…

Sister is in town!

She finally made it, but it was apparently the trip from hell. She had nothing go right, and was kinda pissed that she wasn’t going to be pulling a trailer back. Not that she has a trailer-pulling fetish (at least not that I know of…), but that she hadn’t been told that she wasn’t going to be pulling a trailer and she could have flown down, rented a van and drove back and avoided all the mega-drama that she encountered on the way down. I thought I had told her, but I realize in after thought that I hadn’t. Nothing I can do can change it, so it is what it is.

However, we did go out to Copeland’s this evening and get some crawfish poppers, which were pretty good. She’s going to come over tomorrow around 10am for us to get started. Yeah, she’s staying at a hotel because she thinks she might have a bug. she said she’d been puking and had the trots during the whole trip down, so she’s not feeling too good.

But, we’ll load as much into her truck as possible, and then she’s going out with friends afterwards. I’ll follow in a couple of weeks. If I can go ahead and get everything done early, then maybe I might leave early, too…never know. We’ll see how it goes.


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