Packed! (well, sorta)

My sister drove down on Friday (well, that was a fiasco, and a whole ‘nother story), and after looking at my pile of boxes and the cargo area of her 4Runner…we went and got a trailer, after all. And by the time we got all the boxes in (thanks, Janet, for coming by to help!), it was packed from front to back. Yeah, trailer was necessary.

Since she had been sick on the way down, she stayed in the Marriott across the street, and slept most of Saturday. Then we went over to The Old Barley Brew Pub to watch the sunset and meet up with an old friend of hers from high school and his wife. They were both amazing people and we all hit it off right away. Exchanged numbers and are Facebook pals now (so it’s official!). Then Cecilia downed about six tequila shots over the course of the night, and was HAMMERED on the way back to the hotel. Since I’m not a drinker, I haven’t dealt with a truly drunk person, and she got the giggles, puked on herself and told me she loved me over and over. All in all, an amazing evening. 😛

Got her back to the hotel, undressed her, dumped her in bed where she passed out, grabbed her barfy clothes and brought them back to wash, walked Shiva and finally collapsed to bed around midnight. Got up at 5am (why, oh why), walked Shiva (I am so going to miss her!!! 😦 ), watched some Kingdom with the hubby via the internet, and then started to clean up. We spackled and shifted through more stuff, went to Cane’s for lunch, took her back to nap, then picked her up so we could go to Copeland’s (yes, our relationship often revolves around food…), and then brought her back to pick up her truck and the trailer.

The plan is whoever wakes up first calls the other (somewhere around 4am-5am), and I’ll bring Shiva over to the hotel where she’ll load her up and then head out. Then I go to work and come home to an empty apartment. 😦

I’ll finish packing/cleaning/etc., then hopefully by this weekend, move in with Avery…and then leave the morning of August 16th.

Remind me — I need to call AT&T and schedule cut off of the internet (eh gads!), Cleco to turn off the electricity, put in a change of address card with the post office…and I am sure there are other things I am forgetting…

The group of trouble-makers (before 3 out of 4 got lit!)

One thought on “Packed! (well, sorta)

  1. I’m glad you all got along, and at least three out of four had a great time…the fourth, I’m not so sure about, but she was entitled, since she was sick on the way down.


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