Getting there…

I’m starting to feel like this might happen!

I have arrangements for someone to take the mattress to Baton Rouge in exchange for the chest freezer. That works out well for me and for them. Win-win, the best kind of deals! That’s going to happen Sunday, around 1pm.

Then Janet will come pick up the bed. That leaves the desk and a few odds and ends. I have the internet scheduled to be cut off on Monday, which forces me to disconnect on Sunday and move over to Avery’s. I am going to post pictures of the things that are left tonight, most likely and hopefully get those sold/moved by over the weekend.

Carpets are set to be cleaned on Tuesday.

Electricity goes off on the 11th.

I plan to do the walkthrough the 8th, on Friday. Pay the rent though the end of the lease, hand over the keys and be done. Then I can leave the morning of the 16th and be to North Carolina by the 17th. That will give me some time with my sister and BIL before they leave.  And I get to see Shiva again!

Now I’m on the phone with British Airways, giving them the 4-1-1 on having her with me in-cabin. They don’t seem as easy-going as American was. I’d hate to get stuck in Heathrow…this is turning into a nightmare. Maybe I am going to ship her at this rate. Well, we’ll see what happens when I get off hold here. I’ll update then.


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