I am such the packrat.

I am looking around at what I have packed since my sister left, and I don’t think that it will all fit in the car. I’m not sure what I can get rid of either. I feel like I /need/ everything! Oh well, I will go through it once more. I need to finish up today, and be down to the bare minimums by tonight. I’m leaving work early today and Victoria is here, so hopefully can get all that done. I am of the mind to finish throwing stuff in the boxes I have, and if it doesn’t fit…well, then it has to go in the trashcan.

Moving across the world sure can be an adventure. But getting ready for it can be a pain in the…neck.

In other news, reservations have been made for Scott and Victoria to come to Lapland for Christmas! At least the holidays are looking up. ❤

More when I have the chance.

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