Second stage: Engage!

Okay, totally out of the apartment. Threw away stuff, got stuff picked up, stuffed stuff in the car. I look like I could be auditioning for the Clampetts heading to Beverly Hills. The little car is stuffed from stem to stern with…stuff.

The maid is supposed to be there today to clean. The carpet cleaners called and asked if they could go ahead and do the apartment today; I said sure. So it should be ready for me to inspect after work today. If it is, then we are on for Thursday’s walkthrough and pay off. Then I am completely done with the apartments. I think the mail forwarding goes in to effect August 7, so it works out perfectly.

Staying over at Avery’s, which is turning out to be really nice. I have the whole upstairs to myself. The bed is comfortable, the temperature comfy, and once I get the wireless working on my computer, I will have my little hideaway. The only issue is climbing the stairs, but that is a small one.

Got a report on Shiva. Apparently she is fitting in well. Running with the pack. 🙂 She stays days with Cecilia and her dogs, then spends the night on Mom’s couch. She’s so adorable! Other than that first day, she hasn’t tried to jump the fence or lead a revolution. Tomorrow, they are all apparently going to the groomers, and get “Flobee’d”. Which will likely freak her out, but at least she’ll be clean and pretty. She needs her nails trimmed. I told my sister, hopefully she remembers.

I can hardly wait to see her again!

14 more days until I am in North Carolina!

41 more days until Finland!

One thought on “Second stage: Engage!

  1. Ohhh, you can hardly wait to see her (Shiva) again…what are your sister, your brother-in-law, your nephews, and I? Chopped liver? LOL!


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