Living like a vagabond

The Nissan Versa is packed up still. Things are shifting around, though I can’t get to my clothes. There are somewhere (!!) in the middle of the pile, I think. Every night, there’s been a thunderstorm, so I can’t be bothered to go out in the wet and dig for them. I’ve got a pair of khakis and a pair of jeans. I guess I’ll just switch out wearing them. And three shirts. I can make all sorts of combinations! 🙂

I went to see my neuro yesterday. He prescribed me a low dose of Lexapro to handle my anxiety. He said he could tell I was nervous and stressed when I walked in the door. Didn’t realize it showed so much. He also gave me my last medical summary and a prescription for the service dog (yay, Shiva!). So that’s all taken care of. I scanned all that in so that I have it in the Cloud, and if (when?) I manage to misplace the originals, I still have access to them.

In response to the obvious stress that I’m under, I’ve booked myself a hot stone massage at Stone Creek Spa this afternoon, courtesy of my youngest daughter’s win at Project Graduation. It became my Mother’s Day gift and now it’s being put to good use. I have one more massage certificate from Star PT, which I will be using just prior to my apartment walk through tomorrow.

In more medical news, I have a meeting with my ortho on Friday. I feel like my knee is really tightening up and it hurts all the time. I hope it’s nothing serious. I’ve stopped PT given how my schedule is, so maybe I just need to do some exercises on my own. I will also need a medical summary from him.

Called Nissan about the replacement radio – they said it was on back order and might not be here for a couple of weeks. So now Natasha is in charge of that. They said it takes a couple of hours to install, so maybe she can just schedule it and take a prolonged lunch some day.

Making myself a list. Called my primary care doctor and left a message about getting a medical summary and maybe another blood test done before I leave. Just to have the latest numbers to hand over to whomever my new doctor is going to be. Might as well do it since my insurance is paying everything at 100% right now.

I called about my jewelery yesterday. Apparently it had been put in the ‘Finished’ bin when it actually wasn’t. So they said they would get that done today. I hope. Need to call and follow it up.

Meeting with Stasia on Friday to do the Change of Ownership on the Sprint account. We figure it has to be more efficient to do in person, rather than through the internet. Hopefully. She and Sam are going to take over the account (since we have a very good plan that is no longer offered). Natasha is going to branch off on her own, and I will set up automatic transfers to pay for Victoria’s phone. I’ll set my phone to vacation mode for part of September/October/November, and then return it to Sprint when I come to the US at Thanksgiving. Oy.

I think things are winding down a bit. I expect to be mostly done by the end of this week.

Mom posted some pictures of Shiva. She’s hanging out and doing well. Apparently, she was very well-behaved on the trip to the groomer. My sister even said, “She’s a great dog.” which is high praise coming from my sister, and I’m so proud to hear it.Shiva outside Shiva couch

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