Got the apartment walk-through done — no damages noted! Yay! So I should get getting my deposit back. Realized later that I had not given them a forwarding address, so rectified that by email this morning.

Took off from work to go see the ortho. He said the knee looked to be healing well, if a bit slow. But he fitted me with a brace and said that should help with the pain. I am glad that I’ll be seeing another ortho, as I think this one tends to blow me off, but it’s nothing I can put my finger on, just a ‘feeling’, Oh well.

The manicotti ‘Big Brother’ dinner party went well Thursday night. Fixed enough manicotti for a small army, but everyone raved about it, and there are left overs until the cows come home. 🙂 Feels really good to pull that off. I might try my rigatoni cake as a finale dinner. Yes, everyone is probably tired of pasta by then, but what the heck, that’s all I can cook!

Repacked my car a bit this morning. I think I can fit everything in it now. The front end is loose, so I need to find time to run by Nissan and see if they can do anything with it, or else it might be ‘bungee cord repair’ time. Really look like a homeless person living out of my car.


Superhero Minion Nails! – by Tia at Bella Nails

Got my nails done! They are done like superhero/Avenger Minions. Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Batman (just because he looked so cute).

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