Counting down…

Here it is, getting down to the wire. My last day at work is tomorrow, then I leave at 6am Saturday morning and hit the road for North Carolina. A nearly 12 hour drive, so I hope to be there by 9pm, accounting for gassing up, road construction, and stopping to stretch my legs. I do hope to be there before that, but I figure 9pm is achievable.

I still need to pack the rest of my gear in my car, which is going to be a bit of a Tetris puzzle. Tonight is the Big Brother Elimination episode and Avery has folks over, but my eldest daughter wants to do the Rifftrax Godzilla show in Covington. Rifftrax will likely win out. 🙂 Spend some last moments with my middlest and eldest. ❤

I am looking forward to seeing my nephews and family (and my Shiva Diva!). Not much to say. Some gals from work and I are heading out to Garcia’s for lunch today to say good-bye.  Everyone has been really nice and telling me how much they are going to miss me (they will, too. I am irreplaceable! 🙂 )

Tonight, the computer gets packed up, so no updates until I get to North Carolina, so not until Sunday, most likely.

One thought on “Counting down…

  1. Drive safely, and see you when you hit North Carolina!
    Your Shiva Diva will be so happy to see you again. She’s such a good dog.


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