In North Carolina!

I’ve been in North Carolina for almost a week now, getting used to the schedule for my nephews. My sister and her husband have left me in charge of their two boys (10-Liam & 12-Kevin) — Mwahahahaha! Time for the spoilage to begin! My mother also left on the same trip, so we are on our own. I essentially have to get them to do their chores, take them to school, feed them and make sure they get their homework done and get to after-school activities! I’m out of practice for this sort of thing!

In addition, for my first night alone with them, we get to go to Back-to-School night! Yay! I told Kevin I was going to wear his dad’s Star Trek robe and pajamas to the school. He hid his head and cried “Noooooooo!” Boys are going to be so much fun (and so easy) to embarrass.

I’m going to take them to Golden Corral for breakfast at some point, since their Mom refuses to go. 🙂 Then we are thinking about going to South of the Border, just for the experience. I need to broaden their horizons.

Shiva keeps jumping the fence, so we’ve made a makeshift sort of hobble for her. She doesn’t like it, because it tangles up her legs if she tries to run, but she hasn’t jumped the fence. Of course, if she tries, she might end up hanging herself. Problem solved (no, not really. That’s just cruel and I’d miss my baby).

Got the car unpacked, and stuff put away. The more I look at the dozens of boxes in my mother’s garage, the less I think I am taking. Much less stuff. I don’t want to have to dig through all those boxes to find anything. Bleh. I may not need three suitcases, after all. Which is probably a good thing.

That’s all for now!

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