Been busy…

Been in NC for a couple of weeks now, getting to know the place. I’m house-sitting for my sister and mom, and playing mom (again) to my two nephews, ten and twelve. It’s been an experience, having to cart them to school, cook them breakfast and dinners, make lunches, trek them to various after school things, ride them about homework and housework, etc. Wow, now I know why I made my kids grow up and leave home! 🙂 Seriously, it’s not been too bad. Been watching the herd of hounds, too. Five total — Dana the great Dane, Dougal and Ted who are two terrier-type mixes, Shiva (my baby) and Mimi, my mother’s Schnauzer rescue. Pictures should be below. That last one is the nephews begging for cats. 🙂

10628443_10203951767650543_5778006976837664282_n 10606004_10203951767410537_6409635366775772166_n 10403618_10203951767210532_6914159111155702560_n IMG_20140822_112852

My sister, her husband, and my mom are all in Europe, for a wedding and doing various visits. My mom is currently in Ireland, while my sister and her husband were honeymooning in London. I think today they are heading for Ireland, and then my mom will head to Germany in a few days.

I’ll try to update more often. But it’s actually been kinda quiet, without a lot happening. Especially packing. Not much of that going on. I need to wait until family gets back with the big bags so I can fill them. Right now, I just have stuff piled on my bed. That will have to do for now!

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