Day Two in Finland (or ‘How to spend a day getting nothing done’)

Ahh, bureaucracy. It’s a lovely thing in any country. Not. So, with all the papers in hand, we head to the police station, where I am supposed to register as a legal immigrant resident. There is a line outside before they open, and when we get in, the take-a-number machine isn’t working, so we get into another line. It wasn’t too long, about a half hour, before we get to the only window that was taking walk-ups. So, long story short, apparently they only do immigrant applications by appointment, and the next one was for November 21 (the day we leave to go back to the States for Thanksgiving). Bah.

So we leave to go to the Magistrate’s office to at least get me registered as a resident and get my Finnish ID number. We have to go to a couple of offices until we find the one to take the application for that, but it went smoothly, and I’ll have a number in a couple of weeks. With that, I can open a bank account, get cell service, benefits, and discounts on my bus pass. Very important.

Oh, also important — we mismeasured the bed, the one we have is 90cm instead of 80cm, so we head back to IKEA to get them to switch them out. Problem. The stuff is already loaded on the truck, and again, long story short, we would have to accept the delivery, then return the bed, buy the new one and get it back to the apartment. Ouch. So we decided that for now, we will take the 80cm bed, and when put together, we’ll have 170cm. The sheets come in 180cm, so we’ll just use those, and the 160cm mattress topper should be fine being short a couple of inches on each side. We’ll deal with it. Not worth the hassle of transporting a mattress on the bus back and forth.

His current bed is 120cm, so we’ll just put that aside for guests. We could have technically taken the 120cm and 80cm, put them together for a 200cm (which is a standard size), but the mattress topper for the 200cm was exorbitantly more expensive than the 160cm, so we decided against that. Ah, the joys of buying for the new wife. 🙂

In the meantime, Wellu is studying the police websites, trying to find an opening closer than November. Success! We are going to someplace about three hours from here by bus, Lappeenranta, on Thursday, to get the papers turned in. Hopefully, within the month, I’ll be registered and have everything I need to get around and get on services, including Finnish lessons and applying for jobs.

2 thoughts on “Day Two in Finland (or ‘How to spend a day getting nothing done’)

  1. I am totally confused about the bed, but guess it is all working out. Besides, you’ll have a nice big bed if your mother ever comes to visit, LOL! Glad you’re getting settled. You will be a Finn before you know it!


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