Home Alone (or ‘How to try and burn down your apartment’)

It appears that my master scheme of hooking up a US powerstrip through an EU converter/adapter is a bust. Several times. Managed to go through three fuses and two power cords. Never again. 🙂 However, I did learn how to fix old school fuses, and had a bit of adventuring to go along with it.

Managed to walk to the Prisma, which is apparently some big box store here in Finland. Ground floor is pretty much groceries and sundries. Upstairs are appliances, computers clothes, sporting goods, etc. That’s where I got the fuses. I do find that it’s a good thing that I am walking or riding the bus everywhere. Cuts down on the impulse purchases by a large margin. Do I really want to haul that thing all the way back to the apartment? Nope. It goes back on the shelf.

Also managed to find my way back home. That’s a good thing, too. Made a trip to the grocery store. Not sure what luncheon meat I bought, but I’ll find out later if it’s any good. If it’s not ham, chicken or beef, I don’t want to know.

Organized a good bit of the apartment, but mostly by rearranging shelves and putting stuff behind closed doors. I think Wellu is more of a pack-rat than even I am, and that’s saying a lot. He’s going to have to go through his stuff soon. Now, just waiting on IKEA to deliver the furniture. They are supposed to do so sometime between 5pm and 9pm and will call a half-hour in advance. Then we have the fun experience of putting it together! Thankfully, I brought my handy-dandy cordless screwdriver with hex assortment.

Enjoy some pictures from my adventures today.

20140917_105333[1] 20140917_122141[1] 20140916_124323[1]

IKEA delivered today, promptly at 5:00pm! Wow! Everything came, and we spent a fun evening putting everything together. Desk, chair, TV, TV stand, sound system and bed. It really is starting to come together. I’ll have pictures when I have all the linens together and the place looks really nice.

3 thoughts on “Home Alone (or ‘How to try and burn down your apartment’)

  1. I might not recognize the place when I next visit! Be sure and take your Ikea cart with you when you shop. It will make it easier to spend lots of money, LOL!


  2. Ah, look at those clouds – harbingers of months of darkness and frigid temps soon to be upon you. Best enjoy those fleeting moments of sunshine and light !!! MK


    • The weather since I have arrived has been gorgeous! Shirt-sleeve temperatures and blue skies with just a few white, fluffy clouds. Oh, you cynic…it’s not nearly as bad as you predicted! (Of course, check with me in a month or so and see if I am still singing the same tune!) 🙂


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