My adventures for today

Today I moved furniture around and opened up the place a bit more. Storage is at a  premium, so there was some issue about what to do with the ‘leftover’ bed. Viola, made it in to a headboard. Easy access for guests, but keeps it out of the way. I will eventually cover it with a nicer sheet and make it look more presentable. But in the meantime, it works. the wardrobes had originally been used to create a second bedroom with the living room when he had a roommate. But now that he’s actually sleeping with his roommate now :P, there’s only need for one bedroom, so I moved them up against the wall to create a ‘real’ living room. Still need to go to IKEA (or somewhere) and buy a rug for the floor in front of the TV, and maybe a coffee table. Plus, some sort of light covering for his ‘gulag’ style of ceiling lights. 🙂

20140919_112416 20140919_112425 20140919_112439

In addition to moving all this furniture, I was successful in finding my way to the Viikki bus stop, then on to the 550 (orange) bus to the Itäkeskus Mall! There, I went to Gigantti and shopped for the cables and such needed to get the TV and computers all running smoothly. Done and done. And made my way back. I just have to remember that the return stop is near the Helsinki University Viikki Campus Library building (blue) and the Veterinary Sciences monkey statue made of tires.


Feeling very accomplished at branching out. Still need to have a definite starting and stopping point, and just one destination at a time. But eventually, it will start to piece together. I hope. 🙂

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