Random thoughts…

Lemon juice seems to come in very small containers here. I will have to be buying it every week the rate I go through it. 🙂

The weather has been gorgeous. Blue skies, warm-ish temperatures, cool breeze. Like an early spring. 🙂 I’m sure it won’t last, but at least I’m not having to jump right into the winter blues.

Everyone has been quite friendly. Contrary to popular belief, at least for the Finns that I’ve run in to, they’ve been very congenial and helpful.

Housing is expensive. You don’t want to know what the (same floorplan) condo that Wellu lives in is selling for.

I need to figure out how to transfer my IRA with my former employer to my bank.

Which brings me to the issue of taxes. Not sure how or what to file come January 2015, and the IRS has been unreachable.

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday. In English with Finnish subtitiles. 🙂

The time difference is really making things difficult.

Skyping is going to be come as familiar to me as using a phone, I have a feeling.

I need to write down a list of the things I need to pack from the return trip at Thanksgiving, rather than rely on my ‘mental list’.

In the process of rearranging all the travel itineraries for the Christmas trip, which has turned into a small debacle. With all the changes, just Victoria will be coming. I’m thrilled to have her, but this requires some cancellations and some rerouting.

Heading to IKEA on my own today. I have a written list of four basic destinations and how to get to each from home. Once I get those down, I’ll branch out as to how to get from one to the other, and then add new places to my territory. This is a scary prospect for the direction-challenged like me.

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