One week!

I’ve survived one week in my new home! Or should I say, my home has survived one week of me? 🙂

In any case, it’s been a full week now of living in Finland, and it’s been wonderful. I’ve managed to make it to Itäkeskus on my own (although I admit I can’t spell it and still have to look it up), to Ikea on my own, and more importantly, made it back home with goodies! I’ve worked with Wellu to rearrange furniture and create a home environment. I have a list of items that I have left behind to bring, and also realized that I don’t need many things that I did bring.

The weather was absolutely perfect my first few days here. It was like Helsinki was welcoming me here, and giving me time to get settled. However, yesterday was the first day of ‘autumn’, in that it was grey, chilly and wet with a constant drizzle. I was told to expect this for the next three months, just increasingly cooler (colder?). Bah, I can handle it. Although, it does remind me that I left my sun lamp in NC, so that is on the list of things to bring back.

We are leaving for Oulu on Friday, to attend his grandmother’s (on his father’s side) funeral. His mom and her husband (Hillevi and Risto) are coming here to stay, and we’ll overlap for Saturday night. I’m working hard to make sure the place is clean and well-presented…the usual ‘mother-in-law visit’ jitters, I suppose. 🙂

I will say, it’s odd being ‘home’ all day. In other words, it’s odd not having to be at work, and not being on a vacation. I do hope to get a job eventually, but right now, I’m not even allowed to work. At the big mall in the city center, there is a Games Workshop store that is looking for people. If I get my work permit, I may go apply there (a job in the mall! Yes!). Then again, I do need to get into classes for Finnish, too. I might also hit up the hobby store that is in downtown Helsinki to see if they might can use some part-time help. I’d like to get back into the industry again.

We recently looked into going to Essen in October for the board game festival that is held there each year (it’s huge!), but flights were just a tad to expensive to really make it worth it. While the fares were MUCH cheaper than going from the U.S., I think spending nearly $500 to get to a festival for three days (and then having to factor in food, transport and hotel), was a bit much. Maybe next year.

I miss my girls something fierce. I worry when they have problems and I’m not there to solve them, but so far, they’ve been doing great. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we’re still able to talk, and at least I’ve been able to help out still. But I do miss them and worry so much. I miss my mom and I miss Shiva. At least I will be able to see both in November. And then Shiva comes home with me then!

I know it’s a bit difficult  to see through the rain-splattered window, but note the difference in the colors just in a week! Leaves are falling and the trees are changing.

As the Starks are fond of saying, “Winter is coming.” 🙂

17/9/14 Still summer!

17/9/14 Still summer!

21/9/14 Fall is arriving

21/9/14 Fall is arriving

One thought on “One week!

  1. I’m so glad you are making it to and from places on your own. We miss you, too. All the stuff you ordered from amazon has come in, and is waiting to go to Finland with you over Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see you then.


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