Today was quite a productive day (at least for me). Wellu stayed home from work today to use the last few hours to get his proposal whipped in to shape and submitted. Afterwards, we headed to the mall to return my suitcase that had been damaged on the flight here. We went to Stockmann’s, a large department/grocery store (think Target in the US, but more upscale), who were on Finnair’s approved list, and dropped it off. They will see if it can be fixed, and if not, then will give me an amount to use to buy a replacement. I should know something in about two weeks or so.

While at the Itäkeskus mall, we stopped back by Gigantti’s to look at the printers, and walked out with one. 🙂 Also got a Finnish keyboard, so I can make the special characters without having to memorize the different ALT combinations, plus I figure it would be good to get used to, in case I land an office job. It’s not too different, just a few keys in different places that I have to stop and look for at the moment. 🙂

20140924_194315[1] 20140924_194258[1]

After we got back home, I set up the printer and the keyboard, got everything connected, and then we ate some lunch. Afterwards, I called Sprint and got my phone unlocked. That was the catalyst for a return trip to Itäkeskus, and to Elisa, which is the cell company that Wellu has his contract with. We bought the sim card (although Wellu had to put it under his name since I don’t have my Finnish ID yet), and for 24.90€ I have unlimited texting, data, talk AND it can be used as a hotspot for no extra charge.  Did I mention that was with no contract?

She said it might take 10-15 minutes for the system to update, so in the meantime, we headed over to Kimmo and Anna’s to visit. Complex story cut short, we managed to get the phone to make phone calls, but not to connect to the network unless it is set on GSM. This means it doesn’t get 4G, so I may be making another trip to the Elisa store, but as long as I set it to GSM, it does appear that I get data. It will work for now. Since I’m paying for 4G, I may as well get it. If it can’t do 4G, I can drop down 5€ per month.

All that’s left for me to do is to cancel my service with Sprint, pay the $160 termination fee (which allows me to keep my phone. Otherwise, it would cost me $0, but I would have to give up a phone that would cost me twice as much to buy, or cost me nearly as much to purchase a lesser phone).

After that, came home, we watched some television, and will likely head to bed soon.  Tomorrow is the deep clean to prepare for the MIL visit. Exciting!

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