I think I may have a problem.

It’s called Ikea-itis. It’s a case of needing to go to Ikea every day. I really need an intervention. As much as I wished they had built an Ikea in Hammond, now I’m glad that they didn’t! I can only imagine the /stuff/ that I would have had to sell off! At least here, I don’t have a car, which means I am limited to the stuff I can carry (or wheel out in my handy-dandy shopping cart I bought the other day!). I think I will stay home today. Sit on my hands and watch some Finnish TV. Must. Stay. Away. From. Ikea. (at least until next week?)

As you can guess, I went to Ikea yesterday. Duh. 🙂 Bought a few more things, resettled on a different color scheme. Generally just got a few more ‘things’. Saw things that I /need/, but couldn’t cart with me, so they stayed behind. Pooh. When I can convince Wellu to go back, then I’ll get them then. Yay!

The weather was around 35°F yesterday, a bit drizzly, and overcast. Still, it wasn’t too bad. I made a trip to the local grocery store in the morning, took back the bottles and cans for recycling, did some grocery shopping, and forgot to give the cashier the receipt from the recycle machine. Oops. Later, when I left for the bus to Ikea, I didn’t bother to check the times the bus was running (oops, again), so had thirty minutes to wait for the bus. I used that time to head back to the grocery store, get my nearly 5€ in refund, and then go back to the bus stop — and still have 15 minutes to spare.

As usual, when riding a route for the first time (this was a different bus than the ones I’ve taken in the past), I’m never quite sure where I am supposed to get off the bus. I sorta-kinda know, but I’m just not sure. So I nearly panicked when it stopped at the same stop as yesterday, and I decided to wait it out to the end, which I presumed would be Ikea. When the bus pulled out and seemed to be passing up Ikea, I was cringing, thinking I’d messed up, but in the end, it did stop right outside of Ikea, where I got off, and was quite proud of myself. I’ve learned that the 74 bus leaves Ikea at :10 and :40, so I tried to time my check out to get me out by :10, but unfortunately, I was once more in a slow queue, and ended up getting a 1€40 lunch and catching the :40 bus. This time I knew where to push the button, and got off the bus like a pro. I’ll be no one was none the wiser they had an novice American on board! 🙂

Came home, fancied up the apartment, and then set out to cook dinner. And man, I did! I had bought white rice at the store, and cooked that up proper, and then I actually did southern fried chicken. And while I was quite worried that it might not have cooked all the way through (having never actually fried chicken before), it turned out to be absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself. I feel rather empowered, and may branch out to tackle some recipes in the family cookbook, which did make the trip with me. Only downside: the whole apartment smells like fried chicken (which isn’t all bad, when you think about it).

Watched Maleficent last night. It was ‘eh’. I thought it would be better, but it sort of stumbled. Watchable and definitely written for kids. I don’t mind a kid’s movie, but this one was so obviously written that way that it made you cringe at times. Afterwards, watched another Kingdom, and then trotted off to bed. It’s taking me some time to get used to sleeping without a fan overhead. I’m used to a soft breeze at night, and the still air of the room is somehow discomforting. Still, I’m sure I’ll adapt.


One thought on “I think I may have a problem.

  1. Sounds like you’re getting settled. But watch out for that Ikea disease…I’ve heard it’s terminal! (Astrid has a super bad case of it, y’all can commiserate!) Speaking of getting used to sleeping without the fan, I didn’t have any fans installed in my house, because I like to sleep without them, so I’m sure you will get used to it!


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