A quiet day

The day dawned overcast, cool and grey once more, a typical autumn day. I just made sure that the apartment was clean, mopped the floors, did a load of laundry.

I woke up early, and called Sprint’s customer service to make sure that my phone was, indeed, unlocked. The first guy I spoke to said that it didn’t show unlocked on his end, so he put me on hold and did so. He told me to wait about 15 minutes to make sure it takes, and then try again. Did so, and in the meantime did some research online (always a dangerous thing), and found that several customers claimed issues with the Note 3 and being unlocked for international sim card use.

In the end, I ended up calling Elisa’s customer service number, and was told that someone who spoke English would call me back ‘sometime today’. In about ten minutes, I had a call back from a lady who spoke better English than I do (!) who then double-checked to make sure that everything was in order, and then gave me their technical support number.

Once more, I was connected to a young man who spoke very good English, and he asked me a few questions, then quickly came up with the solution — enter the APN code in the section, and voila! it works perfectly! Unfortunately, I had no reason to go out and test the connection, so I am 99.9% sure that it works, but haven’t field tested it. 🙂

I made mashed potatoes (from scratch!) tonight, but paired them with frozen fish sticks (sorry, Mom). Still, more home cookin’ than I usually do! Afterwards, we had the Pendragon game to play, so I was introduced to some new players, and didn’t completely embarrass myself.

Tomorrow, we have a 0415 rise and shine appointment, and out to catch the bus at 0530, so heading to bed early. We have a funeral to attend in Oulu, but we will be returning Saturday midday, and will spend an overlap with Wellu’s mom and her husband at our apartment for Saturday night. They leave Sunday night to return to Oulu.

I’ll update when I return!

One thought on “A quiet day

  1. Actually, I like mashed potatoes (homemade) and fish sticks, so that isn’t too bad! Give Wellu lots of support tomorrow (I hope it’s okay that I call him that, and that Wellu isn’t Finnish for my secret lover or something worse!)


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