Customer service? I think not.

Well, today’s errands were siderailed. I made it out to pick up the fan. The girl was very nice, originally from South Africa and having lived in Finland for just a year and a half. I asked her how she was doing on the language. She replied with a laugh, “I might know as much as a child learns in preschool. No, they know more than I do.” We chatted for a bit, sympathizing with each other on the idiosyncrasies of the country, then I caught the bus back to the apartment to put up the fan. Only, I managed to get off a stop too early. But, with my keen sense of direction, I found my way home anyway. 🙂

Afterward, I hopped on the bus to head to the city center to get my monthly bus pass (I feel so empowered!), but about halfway there, my phone rings. Which startles me, since I wasn’t expecting any phone calls and didn’t recognize the number. In any case, it was the bank, canceling the appointment we’d made, and then telling me I could reschedule. I wasn’t sure what Wellu’s schedule was, so I asked him to just text his email address to me so that I could reach him back.

I got to the City Center, got my bus pass (I was number 460 in the queue and they were on number 431, so I figured I had a wait. About five minutes later, the ‘next person’ bell dings, then dings, then dings, dings, dings, and about five minutes later, it’s my turn! I finish up with that, and walk out with my shiny new bus card in a fashionable pink slipcover, and meet Wellu over by the theater house.

We go to eat at Golden Rax, which is by far one of the worst pizza buffets ever. Remind me never to go there. You would have thought that the time I went and accidentally had tuna pizza (I swear, it looked like ground beef! And who puts tuna on a pizza??), and bypassed the marshmallow pizza, would have taught me a lesson. But no. Because I love him, I decided to go by again to spend time with my honey.

We then decided to head by the bank, to see if we can get in without an appointment. The first bank was like “No.” and it happens to be the one we had our earlier appointment at, and we met our agent, who explained that he couldn’t make the appointment we had set up because he had been shifted to…customer service. Huh? In any case, we were told we were welcome to try the other branch down the block. So we head there, take a number and are called next.

Can we be helped? Apparently not. Why? Because setting up a new account takes an hour, and the rep didn’t have an hour. What? We’re there at around 2:00pm, and the bank doesn’t close until 5pm. You can pick and choose who and what you are going to do? There’s maybe two other customers in the bank and plenty of reps…oh, never mind. We’ll just wait for our appointment tomorrow. You can go back to…whatever you were doing, which wasn’t helping customers. Bah.

Came home, (this time got off at the right stop), dorked around on the computer, then went grocery shopping and made it through that without incident. Starting to be old hat now. 🙂 Nothing much else to report. No pictures to post. Better luck tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Customer service? I think not.

  1. Tell Wellu if he ever threatens to take me to Golden Rax, I will know he is trying to get rid of me! Sounds like you are doing well, getting acclimated to all the strange things which come with living in another country. You sound happy!


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