Today is picture day!

It’s my third Tuesday here, and time to take another picture of the view outside my window. I’m realizing that it would probably help to take the picture from the same vantage point, at about the same distance, but live and learn. I’ll try to be more consistent in the future. As you can see, there is a bit more color in the picture, showing that fall is here, and winter is on its way.

Got some stuff done today. Managed to get to the bank and get my account opened, and a joint account with Wellu. He moved his accounts from his hometown to Helsinki, which appeared relatively painless (and conducted in Finnish, so I just played with the hippos on the rep’s desk. Later on that.

Did get a bit of a stumbling block of news. Because I don’t yet have my residency card, the bank can’t give me the electronic log-on and code, which means I can’t register for an appointment for services online. Instead, I’m going to have to go take a number and wait. But as it turns out, I still need to do my work plan at the TE office, so I’m not pressed for time. Actual services can’t be registered for until that’s done AND I receive my Kela card, which should be here within the next couple of weeks (hopefully!).

Oh, and look who followed me home today from the bank:

Hungry, hungry hippo

Hungry, hungry hippo!

Tomorrow, I plan to head down to the Police station and see about getting an immigrant ID card, which is going to be another ‘take a number and wait’ sort of thing, but that will be good to have later on. Might as well do it now. I also have a lunch date with Anna at around 11:30am, which is close by the Police Station and the TE office both, so who knows how much I can get done tomorrow! They are both at the same Itäkeskus stop, so that’s convenient.

I got a bitchen winter coat today (Thank you, Wellu!), which is toasty warm and very fashionable on me, too. It’s olive green, as a faux fur collar/hood, and is long, down to just above my knees. It’s padded on the inside, and has banded inner sleeves to keep the wind from freezing my wrists. I expect to be very happy with it.

That’s really about it. More news tomorrow on getting set up. TTFN!

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