Let’s talk food! (and other stuff)

Finland is not known for its great cuisine. I guess if you like pickled herring, you’re in a great place. Me…not so much. But there is some food worth mentioning, so that’s what the first part of this post is about. Enjoy!

Mayo with garlic - OMG!

Mayo with garlic – OMG! Okay, let’s talk about this little jewel. Mayonnaise is good. Hellmann’s is even better. But add garlic to the mix and oh, wow! This has made me a sandwich lover again. If you can find it in the States, I suggest you buy it. It is really good.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice

This is the largest size of lemon juice I’ve found so far. I go through one of these about every week and a half. This is my second bottle and I’m almost done with it. But it’s nothing compared to his Pepsi Max addiction, so he’s not giving me a hard time about it.

Bread and butter pickles

Bread and butter pickles

What can I say? I was so relieved to find these pickles here. Of course, I had to have the label translated while we were in the store, and as he said ‘bread and butter’, the jar was in my hand before he was done speaking. I can just eat these straight out of the jar.

Ligonberry jam (to eat with reindeer)

Lingonberry jam (to eat with reindeer)

Like the caption says — this jam is great for meat products. I especially like it mixed in with my reindeer and mashed potatoes. Yes, together. In one big lolly, as my dear grandmother used to say. It’s good on biscuits and such, too. You should always have a jar of this in the fridge.

Reindeer and cheese soup!

Reindeer and cheese soup!

This was the soup I had today. I’m not normally a soup person, but this stuff was really good. Had a smokey sort of flavor, almost like a beer-cheese soup. If some potatoes were added to this, it would be perfect. But then again, when don’t potatoes make something even better? There was a sort of rustic bread served with it, that was perfect for dipping, too.

Alright, so we’re done with food, let’s talk shopping! Before I went shopping, I did get some things done, though. Or rather, we got some things done. Wellu took off from work for the morning to go put his money safely away in some 5-year investment account, to keep it away from my grubby, little money-spendy hands. Hah. I’ll still be here in five years, and there will just be MORE money to spend! Bwahaha! Part of my evil plan. We also managed to get by the Poliisi station and get my application for an ID card in, so now that’s in the works. Once I get that (in about two weeks), I can get my electronic sign-on for the bank, which opens up whole new worlds! Or so I’m told.

Now for the shopping.


I couldn’t resist, and they just kept calling my name. So now they are in my closet! They are so comfy — I bought them, then sat down and changed into them, so I could walk the mall and walk home in them. They look so smart and casual and cute! And they are warm, which is important.

I also bought a pair of walking poles. They are used for a sport called ‘dementia skiing’ here in the city. Ha ha, just kidding! They are, however, a seriously good upper body exercise, as well as aerobic, as you move your arms in the same manner that you would with cross country skiing. They also help provide support and stability on the walking paths. I see a lot of people with them, mostly older (and fit) folks, so now it’s my turn to join their ranks.

20141003_150917[1] 20141003_150931[1]

I’ve joined a theater group in Helsinki. The first meeting is next week, on Thursday. It means I miss the Pendragon game, but that’s the only one. Then they meet each Monday and Tuesday for the writing and production, with the show going on in mid-November. I don’t know the first thing about theater, but I figure it might be fun to get out and meet some more people! I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk food! (and other stuff)

  1. Sounds great! Love all the food, especially the lingonberry jam. I should pick up a jar of that while I’m in Finland, then a jar of elderberry when I’m in Germany! The boots look warm and stylish and the walking sticks are a great idea…can I borrow them when I visit you?


    • You definitely should! Or, if you prefer, I can bring a jar with me when I come over for Thanksgiving. When you come visit, you are more than welcome to borrow the walking poles. Or even get a pair for yourself — they were only €19.90!


  2. Hellman’s is another name for Best Foods, here in the U.S. I haven’t tried the garlic version (nor have I seen it), but I have tried their version with a bit of olive oil, and that was simply wonderful.

    The poles sound interesting, and very useful. Sounds like something that should be more popular, really.


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