Visited the zoo

Saturday morning dawned misty and wet, but still a balmy 54 degrees by 7:30am, which was promising for what we had planned for today. You can really see the trees changing color.


After getting breakfast out of the way and making the bed, we decided to head out to the zoo, because today was Free Day at the zoo! We weren’t the only ones with the idea, so there was quite a crowd at the gates. The Helsinki zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world (not the oldest, but pretty old) at 125 years old this year. It is also the only zoo in the world located on an island. So after going through the gates, we had to walk across a bridge to get to the location of the zoo.


The zoo is relatively small, and doesn’t really have any unique or showcase animals. But is a nice place to come to, and see some of the basic ‘zoo creatures’. You can click on the first picture, then be able to scroll from that one to the next and so on.

We finished at the zoo, and took the Metro to Sörninien, where we got off so I can see where I will be going for the theater group on Thursday. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the bus stop, although the return at night is a bit further down, since the return stop isn’t just right across the street as normal. But it’s not that bad.

We decided we need to do some grocery shopping, so took the bus home and headed to the S Market…unfortunately, we we came out, it was raining, but neither one of us melted on the way home. Apparently, this is the weather I can look forward to in November, but with about a 30 degree drop in temperature. Brrrr. Hibernating. 🙂

Hillevi brought us some duvets when she came to visit last weekend. I got them on our bed, and it makes it look more grown up. I like the way the room is starting to come together. Now, just to put in some curtains that match. Of course, the stuffed animals on the ‘headboard’ sort of make the room look juvenile, but so what. 🙂


Took a long nap today, and am playing the Weekend game, but it’s otherwise going to be an easy weekend. I’m planning to head to the TE offices again on Monday to just get some sort of receipt that I /tried/ to apply. That’s important for Kela benefits, apparently.

One thought on “Visited the zoo

  1. Love the zoo! Also love the duvet that Hillevi brought. It matches the curtains, and as long as Wellu doesn’t mind the stuffed animals, they can stay! Sounds like you’re really getting acclimated, now I wish I were coming to Lapland, but think it’s really best that I don’t chance falling again. See you in the springtime!


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