Let’s wander around a bit.

Today was somewhat productive, if not always in the way that I had set out for it to be.

Started off the morning with a series of emails between myself and the TE office. Earlier in the saga, KELA had said that I needed to get documentation from TE that I had attempted to apply there, but was turned down because I didn’t have my residency card yet (this is after they said I should be able to apply with just my Finnish SSN). TE emailed me back and said essentially that KELA had no idea what they were talking about, we don’t do that, so if they want some sort of proof that we’re denying you, use these emails. Not the outcome I wanted, but at least it was a ‘final answer’.

Then, headed down to the Familia Club ry, in order to join up and get enrolled in a Finnish language course. That went well, although I did get turned around a bit, walked all over the City Center, but with the help of Google Maps, finally found my way — retracing steps that I had already done twice before. Apparently, I zigged when I should have zagged. But place found, annual fee paid, registration made. I then read the pamphlet on the bus, and realize that I been signed up for the course so basic it is for folks who do not yet know the Latin alphabet. So, I can be tops in my class! Yay! But, the course does teach some basic Finnish phrases, so I’ll stay in it. It does give me something to do twice a week.

After that, I went to go meet Wellu at the University for lunch, but since I was arriving a bit too early, I decided to go kill some time at the Arabia Mall. A small mall, but there was a nifty discount store that I managed to drop a few shekels in before heading to the safety of the University. We did some rounds of being introduced, then ate lunch and chatted a bit. After that, I went to the grocery store, get dinner stuff and came back to fix said dinner stuff (yes, my life is getting a lot more domestic).

Did find this car in the parking lot. I’ll bet it can be had for cheap :):


After dinner (which actually turned out well, despite my trepidations), I made phone calls back to the States. My mom. My retirement fund company. My bank. My retirement fund company again. The apartment complex re: my deposit (45 days to get it back??), my youngest daughter. I’ve got lots of forms to print out and send off, but hopefully most of the drudge work will be done before I get back to the States for the Thanksgiving break.

Here is a random picture of some of the fall color to finish off the post with. 🙂

Fall foliage at the campus.

Fall foliage at the campus.

One thought on “Let’s wander around a bit.

  1. Forty-five days to get back your deposit? They should pay you interest! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished, even if not exactly what you had planned. I made my plane reservations to visit you in April! Are you going to Germany with me or directly to Greece?


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