Saturday’s Adventures

Today was a productive day!

It was lovely today, mid-fifties and quite sunny, with blue skies and fluffy clouds! It was a bit damp from last night, but a lovely day. We slept in, then got on the computers, which led us to heading to XXL Sporting Goods, where we finally purchased our rowing machine! We ran into a bit of a snafu coming back, as the bus driver wouldn’t let us on the bus with the box, so we had to call a taxi. Wellu said that was the first time he’d ever run into that before.

But we got it back to the apartment, and then it was up to me to assemble it. Avengers assemble! It took me about an hour, but I was taking my time and actually following the instructions. And amazingly, it went together rather smoothly, and seems to work. Starting tomorrow, I can begin my workout regime, which should help my knee, since it is a no-impact exercise.

Avengers Assemble!

Avengers Assemble!

After that, Wellu got a mass email from a colleague who is moving and giving away some books. The fellow lives nearby, so we walked to his apartment. The path took us through the cemetery down the road, and the walk was very beautiful. I took some pictures along the way, which really showcases the fall weather we’re enjoying.

20141011_180029[1] 20141011_180425[1] 20141011_180457[1] 20141011_180716[1]

When we returned, we were getting set up for our movie night, so I decided to finally try and cook crepes for the first time. I so totally nailed it! They were really good, and came out looking good, too. Win-win! Since I am technically not a cook (although at this rate, I’m not going to be able to say that much more), I am especially proud of my achievements in this area.


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