Festival of Lights

Tonight, Wellu and I went to Linnanmäki for their ‘Festival of Lights’. To be fair, I thought that this was a special event, but apparently it is simply going at night when all the lights on the rides and such are turned on. Nothing extraordinary, but since admission to the amusement park is free, it was a nice way to spend an hour or so of the evening riding around.

Leaving from Meripihkatie, we took the 75 bus to Paavalin kirkko, where we got off and crossed the street so we could take the tram 8 to Linnanmäki. It lets you off right at the base of the hill, where you cross the street, walk up the hill and right into the entrance. They do check bags at the entrance (backpacks and purses).

The park is small, but looks like it could be fun in the warmer months. There are some pretty fearsome looking rides, as well as the usual amusement park fare. Prices seemed a bit steep, though. A night time unlimited wrist band costs about 28€, while if you want to pay for rides individually, you’re going to pay around 8€ EACH ride, so the band starts to look like an actual deal. There’s the usual midway, array of places to eat, and we got there just as the live music was wrapping up.

I’ve included some pictures from the outing, just so you can see what there was to experience. I think we might go back in the spring to actually try out some of the rides.

Here’s a video I took of the wild ‘octopus-like’ ride:

Then, here’s one of a ride similar to others we have in the U.S. that drop you suddenly (after getting you all comfy with an excellent view):

On the return, we took the 8 tram to Sörnäinen, got off, then caught the 70 bus back to Meripihkatie. Sooner or later, I’ll learn my way around!

2 thoughts on “Festival of Lights

  1. They have an octopus in Linnanmäki as well.It used to be where the coffee (or tea) cups are now. They seem to have moved it behind the rollercoaster.
    Breakdance is gone, Rainbow is gone. Enterprise has been moved to Tykkimäki, though Kehrä is the same thing. I guess it’s been a few years, then.


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