Fall is in the air!

The leaves are changing color and falling to the ground. For a Southern girl who only knows that the seasons come in two colors (green and brown), the landscape is so beautiful. On my walk to the grocery store today, I took these pictures:

20141013_133748[1] 20141013_133744[1] 20141013_123401[1]

Speaking of taking a walk, I think I’ll take a moment to point out something I have really enjoyed here — the rights of the pedestrian! Long live the pedestrian! 🙂 But seriously, there are walking and biking paths that can get you anywhere you need to go. They are clearly marked and paved, even divided for bikes and walkers.


Also, the rules are pretty well followed for crossing the street. If you have a light and crosswalk, you just wait your turn. But if there’s a crosswalk and no signal, the vehicle has to stop for you. I’m not used to that. Even if you are just approaching the curb, a car will usually stop and wait for you, as opposed to try and beat you through it!

On a personal note, my cooking skills are starting to really develop. I had gone to the store looking for the canned biscuits and frozen ready-made pie crusts that I am so used to using back home. Well, no luck here, so I had to do it the old-fashioned way. I had to actually make the freaking pie crust for my shepherd’s pie! And on top of that, I had to actually peel, boil and mash potatoes from scratch. This cooking stuff is hard! But in any case, here’s the in-progress and finished product:

Pie crust, rolled out with a glass!

Pie crust, rolled out with a glass!

Ready to put in the oven

Ready to put in the oven

Hot from the oven!

Hot from the oven!

Second night of the theater workshop. Unfortunately, our numbers are dwindling, but we have RSVPs for next week, so hopefully we get more folks in. We managed to pretty much pound out a script and get a plan for the actual play itself. I actually like the way it is coming together. My original plan had been to join this so that I could meet new people, but I’m actually enjoying the process of doing the play from start to finish more than I thought I would.

One thought on “Fall is in the air!

  1. I’m so very proud of you…learning to cook, watching a play develop from start to finish, seeing the leaves turn…you are making such a good thing out of this. I wish you all the happiness you deserve!

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