Lazy Sunday

There’s not much to report on for the day, or even the weekend, for that matter. Much of it was spent being rather lazy for a change, which was nice. There was lots of television and movies, perfect for a day that was drizzly and a bit on the cold side, and very windy. I did laundry, let Wellu cook for me (that’s nice!), and looked a recipes to try this week.

I just have to say that I am really enjoying this new show we started watching, Forever. It’s about an immortal Brit who is currently the M.E (Medical Examiner), Henry Morgan, in New York City. He’s caught the attention of a detective, and she’s utilizing his amazing power of deduction to solve homicides in the city. Judd Hirsch pays his ‘roommate’, who is actually his (adopted) son from the 1940’s. The twist to the immortal thing is that each time Henry ‘dies’, his body disappears, and he wakes up in a body of water. In this case, the Hudson River, where Judd Hirsch’s character usually is called to pick him up from, with a change of clothes. The cases and the plots are sometimes a bit weak, and I see shades of Elementary, Sherlock, Castle, and Highlander mixed in, but it’s usually pretty witty and fun enough to forgive some of the holes, especially if you’re looking for entertainment. The very handsome Ioan Gruffudd plays Henry Morgan (Horatio Hornblower, Fantastic 4), the main character, and he is like a more charming version of Sherlock Holmes (either version currently out).

Also, finally watched X-Men: Days of Future Past. Plots holes big enough make my head hurt, but it was decent enough. Although, a few of the plot holes were REALLY big. Not sure they are forgivable in a big-budget motion pic, but oh well. Also got caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This show is really jumping in to this season and is looking good doing it. I was worried towards mid-to-end of season one, but they’ve really picked things up and given characters some real growth. Including Skye, who was easily the weakest character.

I added another picture to the Changing Season’s page. In the first picture, my tree is green and full of leaves. In this last one, it is almost bare. Kinda cool the way it changes in the pictures over time. 🙂

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