Sleep is for the weak!

*Yawn* It was one of those nights that just never really got started. I ended staying up way too late last night, until around 1:00am, which is not the usual for me, but I just wasn’t sleepy. Then when I finally went to bed, I just drifted in and out of light sleep, finally giving up around 3:30am, and getting up, staying awake until 4:30am, when I finally started feeling tired. Went back to bed. Big mistake! Had to wake up at 6:45am so as to get ready and catch the bus to the police station to turn in my paperwork before the lines started to get really long. I felt like I was trying to think through a molasses brain. None of this was helped by the fact that hubby was also plagued by the same sleeplessness, except his had to do more with all the emails he was getting from the U.S. side for a project he is working on. Misery loves company!

But, turned in the paperwork, and that happened with relative ease. For the return trip, we decided to try and take the train back, except that the next train was canceled. And the next one after that. Apparently, there was an issue with the switch up the line. So, not knowing when the trains would be running again, we went back to the buses. We eventually got home around 11am or so, and I just crashed to back to bed. Slept until close to 3:00pm, too!

I needed to get up to head to Caisa for drama practice which was starting at 5:00pm, but I had volunteered to run by the Vero office when they closed at 4:15pm, in order to scavenge their used queue slips, to use as props in our play. Hah! That simple request didn’t go over well, with the clerk apparently thinking that I wanted them for some nefarious purpose, and denying the request. Odd. In any case, as is the case-in-point for our play, enough places use the queue slips that I can find another place to beg them from.

Our play is going quite well, and our Markku character actually did very well after just having a single night to review the script. I have some more work to do on the screen shots, but nothing too difficult. We’ve got one more meeting next Tuesday, then the performance! I encourage you all to come out and see it if you can.


I did a couple of web searches out of curiosity earlier, and found a few oddities when searching for things Finnish.

Notice the different search themes that come up, depending on how you enter it in? 🙂

26.10 26.10 (2)

In other news, Finns are funny! At least one of them is. Ismo Leikolan won Laugh Factory’s annual World’s Funniest person contest this year. He was actually quite funny, too. (this article is in Finnish)

(The video below is in English)

Well, I should probably get to work on my project. And I have school tomorrow! Yay for learning in a language I don’t know! 🙂

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