Finland on the 5th

No, no, it’s not the 5th (yet). But I am thinking about starting a new monthly feature by that name. And, suitably enough, I will dare to publish it on the 5th of each month. Why only once a month? Glad you asked! As you may have read in my intro, I am keeping this blog mostly as a diary of my life here in Finland. Some days, I do try to be informative, but on some days (probably many), it’s mostly mundane details of my day-to-day life, that are hardly interesting to anyone (sometimes even to me!).

But, in an effort to change that, or to at least offer something a little different, I plan to go more in-depth on a subject of interest (or at least I hope it is), that compares something here in Finland with its counterpart in the United States. Most comparisons will be drawn against where I am most recently from, which is outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, because it only makes sense to write about the where that I know. In addition, the United States is so large and so different, that sweeping generalizations are pretty hard. For example, someone from Covington, Louisiana may find my musings on public transportation rather interesting, while someone from Manhattan is going to be amused at my wonder or bored.

I have some topics set aside that I plan to use, but I am open to suggestions, too. Do any of my American readers have any ideas on things that they’d like to see more information on? One reader has already asked me about what the grocery shopping is like. Another has asked me how I am adjusting to not having a car at my beck and call.

If I get enough topics, I might even expand it to a weekly feature (Finland Fridays?), but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Today has been one of those days where there’s not much to write about, unless you want to know about my wrasslin’ with the printer and Microsoft Word, trying to figure out how to do four-to-a-page flash cards on A6 paper. They’re two-sided, and tomorrow I am going to take them to hubby’s office to use the paper cutter, and then I’ll have wee little flash cards to help me practice. I will be adding to my collection as time goes on. I can’t seem to find ready-made Finnish/English flashcards, which is why I am having to make my own (let me know if you have a source, though!).


2 thoughts on “Finland on the 5th

  1. You can print the flash cards on business cards, use both sides, then you won’t have to cut them, just tear along the perforations. If you can’t find a stack of business cards there, you can get them when you come here for Thanksgiving. That’s what I used for Russian, Greek, and German.


  2. You can also use Rapid Rote (it has Finnish) to practice. I used to have something which gave you flash cards to print, but cannot find it. I’ll ask Mark when he gets home.


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