The show went on!

Tonight we had our performance of the small production that our group has been working on. It was at the Caisa Intercultural Center, at the City Center. It was a small community event, and even though we’d only had six meetings to put this together, and only one day of actual rehearsals, it went surprisingly well! The story was about a newly-married woman joining her husband in Finland. The story was told in four acts, each as a season, as she goes through getting settled, frustrated and finally accepting and loving her new home.

DSCN1649 DSCN1666

DSCN1658 DSCN1689

My part in all this was as co-producer and taking care of the slides that were our “set”. I didn’t have to be on stage, at least! I just needed to make sure everyone had their props, that we actually had all the props, and that each person knew when to set up the next set.

It was a lot of fun to do, something I really enjoyed. Everyone was very kind and fun to work with. I look forward to doing the next one! The proceeds from this production went to help fund libraries in under-serviced areas of Nepal, a very worthwhile cause.

There were some other performances, as well, such as the Bollywood dance troupe, some singers and other dancers. A very cultural experience!

DSCN1705 DSCN1719

DSCN1747 DSCN1731

DSCN1754 DSCN1753

DSCN1761 DSCN1754

In personal news, I got my Moomin duvets yesterday, and they have been put on the bed. It is a very Moomin bed, and I slept quite well under the trees of the Moomin forest!




I leave in a week to head back home to see Mom for Thanksgiving, and get my wonderful baby, Shiva, ready to come back with us! I miss her so much! I’ll be gone for about ten days, then back for about three weeks, before heading to Oulu for Christmas. Then back to Helsinki to pick up my youngest daughter, then the train up to Kittala and the land of Santa for  a few days!

6 thoughts on “The show went on!

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    • It was ‘advertised’ as a group for immigrants to get together and create a way talk about their experiences of moving to Finland. The website is This was their fall production, so there are sure to be more. Watch my blog and I will certainly be talking about if they come up with something after the first of the year. It’s a small community group of volunteers, and everyone is really nice!


  2. I can tell you that it is a very odd thing for me to think of myself as an immigrant, but that is what I (we) are. But yes, probably a first world thing, as I tend to think of think of an immigrant more in terms of coming over in a boat without any possessions. Not accurate, I know, but that is what I think of when I hear the word ‘immigrant’. Welcome to the world of the immigrant! 🙂


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