Greetings from North Carolina!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, and I am in North Carolina celebrating with my mom and sister and her family. I\m also here to finally pick up my dog, Shiva, as well as lots of “stuff” that I can’t readily find back in Finland.


Apparently, we were lifting off from Helsinki, just as the snow started to fall there. The pictures that were sent to me and that I saw via Facebook looked pretty amazing, although I am now hearing it is mostly slush. I’m sure there is more where that came from.

I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done since I got here, which is nice. Drove the two-plus hours out to Raleigh on Monday to sell my car, only to find out that the form I had from my ex-husband wasn’t sufficient to sign over the title. So back to square one. However, $75 later, he was fedexing the form that the car dealership gave me, and we were scheduled to return on Wednesday to hopefully conclude the deal.

Wednesday was the return trip to Raleigh to deal with Shiva’s paperwork. Went from the vet, across town to USDA, only to find out that the vet hadn’t filled the form out correctly. So had to return back across town to get it corrected. Then off to the auto dealership, where thankfully, that transaction went smoothly.

Turkey was picked up, international driving permit was purchased (for a trip this spring), and various other errands run. And the packing. Oh! the packing we have done! I have seven suitcases, FULL to the brim of stuff! Tea, Sweet ‘n Low, electronics, and stuff that I am mule-packing back for other expats.

But the real fun is the new drone we got! That is certainly coming back with me to Finland. I can only imagine the lovely pictures that I can take with it. It is really cool, and even though the operator skill is lacking, the quality of the picture isn’t that bad:

This is right before we got it hung up in a tree. Fortunately, the branch was right above the roof, so some skilled climbing brought it down. And if you are in the market for a first-time drone, I can heartily recommend it. For the price, the video is really nice, and it takes a beating and keeps on flying. The drawback is that the battery only lasts 7-8 minutes and it takes 2 hours to charge, so extra batteries are a must (and are on their way for delivery tomorrow!). You can find the drone on Amazon.

Checking on some undelivered packages, and then finishing up the packing, and then finally going to sit down for some delicious turkey. I’ve got more things to catch up on, but probably not until I get back.

I am thankful for this wonderful life that I am getting to live. Everything about it is so fabulous, and I can’t remember being so happy as I have been this year.

5 thoughts on “Greetings from North Carolina!

    • Thanks! I plan to practice with it and hopefully add some aerial videos of the Helsinki area. I also just got a GoPro camera harness for my dog, and once she gets here, I plan to do a “Dog’s View” feature with video from her perspective, too. 🙂 This is my first blog, so I’m still finding my style–it’s a work in progress!\


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