Boys can be so gross!

One of the fun things about visiting home is getting to spend time with my sister, her husband and the two boys. This trip was no exception. I had a ball with the boys, and they showed me just why I am glad I had girls, though. I took them out to Golden Corral for the breakfast buffet (and to introduce the concept of what a real buffet is to Wellu).

As kids do, as the appetites were sated and we were just waiting around, they took the glass which had some leftover juice in and started to add stuff to it. Sugar packets. Tabsco sauce. Salt. Pepsi Max. Tea. A jellybean. Stirring it all up and making it look so gross.

Segue: They’ve been jonesin’ for this particular video game for the Xbox, and I dared them to drink the mixture, and if they drank it all the way down, I would reward them with the game. And I’ll be darned if they didn’t do it. For your entertainment and their perpetual humiliation, I present the evidence:

I can’t wait to show them this in twenty years. 🙂

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