Autos, planes, taxi and now the bus…

20141204_125554Shiva had her first ride on a bus today! I guess it technically wasn’t her /very first/ bus ride, since she did ride the few hundred yards from the plane to the terminal on Tuesday, but we’re not counting that one.

We went to go visit Tammy and her dog, Oden, and go play at the dog park near their home.


Riding the bus under the seats!

Shiva was a wonderful bus rider! Unfortunately, I got on the wrong bus (going the wrong way), so we had to get off the bus and cross the street, then get on the bus going the OTHER way! She just laid down at my feet and waited until I told her that it was time to get off the bus, and Tammy met us at the stop.

The path to the dog park was lovely, with a very nice gravel path that wound through the trees. We even passed an outdoor gym!

Outdoor gym!

Outdoor gym!

And when I say gym, I’m not meaning for kids, but a real gym, with workout equipment and stuff! Pretty amazing!

We got to the dog park, and Ville (Tammy’s partner) was there with Oden, and the dogs got along great! Of course, every time I tried to get a picture, they would dash off just as the shutter snapped. They were good like that. They chased each 20141204_150645other around, humped for dominance, dug some holes, ate some cookies, and the humans just chatted and talked about them, like we were moms at the toddler park bragging on our kids. The third dog, a handsome fluffy white one, is Touho, and he came along later, but everyone got along wonderfully!

Prepping for the Russian invasion, I guess.

Prepping for the Russian invasion, I guess.

While we were at the park, there were lots of guys in military gear walking in the paths, carrying weapons and gear. I got a photo of a group of them on their way. I think they were thinking I might be a bit looney since I wanted a picture of them. We later passed their camp, somewhat camouflaged in the trees.

Looking out the window on the way home.

Looking out the window on the way home.

After a couple of hours, we walked back, and I got on the bus and we returned home, without anything eventful happening. She rode up in the seat and looked out of the window for a bit, then jumped down and laid at my feet. She didn’t bark or growl at anyone, and she even entertained a toddler with some face-kissies.

So, our first public transportation bus ride was a success!

Last night, I was unpacking stuff from the flight, and I remembered I had taken some pictures of the safety manual, because the ladies on the manual were drawn very scarily. Proof:

20141202_132446 20141202_132356 20141202_132332

Their limbs are just way too long and spooky looking. Like the one with the big red ‘X’ is trying to say “Arms like this not allowed!” And those long fingers and legs in the other two pictures. Shiver.

Cute photos of the Mitchell family. When trying to get a decent picture of my sister and her family, it always turns out like this:

20141122_101423 20141122_101421 20141122_101307 20141122_101337 20141122_101418 20141122_101400

Oh, the ice rink is open in the City Center. I know that’s not a big deal to folks in New York or something, but to a gal from the New Orleans area, this is a rare sight, indeed!

20141203_123057 20141203_123044

And finally, I remembered to take the morning picture this morning to add to my sequence of them.

December 4, 2014

December 4, 2014

6 thoughts on “Autos, planes, taxi and now the bus…

  1. The guys in military gear you saw are participating in a bi-annual military exercise.

    The mandatory military service in Finland lasts 6 or 12 months (though some specialists train for 9) and every “batch” takes part in a large scale exercise at the end of their service, which is taking place right now in southern Finland. This is why it’s likely to come across people in military gear, see/hear military vehicles roaming around and even hear some blanks being fired this time of the year. The exercise lasts a couple of weeks and the next batch will start their training in January.


  2. we hike 4-7 times a week if we encountered military in full gear it would scare the hell out of me!
    and then if i heard guns shooting (blanks or not) i might have a breakdown on the spot!

    those are some crazy zombie pointy lady arms! creepy.


  3. When I saw the guys in the military gear, all I could think of was, “damn, those boys are too young for that” which is really sad, because there are too many young kids in the military, but I guess someone has to do it. My bil is in the Army back home, and my dad was retired Army so it sorta hits me hard to think of these youngsters dealing with all they have to. I was sort of freaked out given that the Russians seem to be poking at their borders so much lately and I was thinking something had happened while we were gone!

    On another topic…when are we getting together?? 🙂


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