Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivä!

A dreary Independence Day

A dreary Independence Day

Today was/is Finland’s Independence Day. It’s mostly quiet, and given that it occurs in December, it’s a much different sort of event than the Independence Day in the States. People light candles of white and blue, flags are flying everywhere (okay, that part is the same), stores are closed, and with today being dreary and raining, not too many people were out.  The day celebrates the independence of Finland from Russia, and the candles are in remembrance of when they were lit in windows to tell Finnish soldiers that they could seek refuge in those houses.

Wellu and I went out in the rain and picked up a step ladder that I bought off a student on Facebook. It turned out to be a really nice one, and once we got it home, I got busy doing some interior decorating.

20141206_181638[1]While out, I did make note to talk about something that I see on just about everyone, young and old. Reflectors. Hanging from jacket sleeves, backpacks, hoodies, purses, etc. It’s really a smart move, given that the world over here gets dark around 4pm right now. The reflectors come in all shapes and colors, and everyone from kids to grandmas have them dangling from some piece of outer clothing. The one on my backpack is a Moominmamma one, and the one from my jacket is the 20141206_181655[1]Moomin Maiden. 🙂 I think it’s a really neat idea, and I wish that more people in the States would adopt them as safe accessories for being out in the dimmer hours of the evening.

And because you can’t have enough Shiva :), here’s one of her sacked out on the couch:


Day 6 Challenge (I really need to start remembering these!):

Name a song that triggers emotions from the past and describe those emotions.

Wow. I listen to so much music, and it’s hard for me to remember times and places. I really wish I was better at it than I am–I would probably make a better storyteller. I’m not sure about a single song that triggers anything from the past, but I can tell you that almost any time I hear a Jimmy Buffett song, I am reminded of our time living on a sailboat, when I was 15-6 or so. Depending on the song, it takes me back to when there was no internet, smartphones or other distractions to take me away from really getting in to the world around me. I can close my eyes and feel warm tropical breezes, the slosh of the waves, the singing of the wind through the rigging…I suppose that is where my wanderlust was born. I start to feel antsy, not in a bad way, but in a way that makes me want to urgently go explore.  Having had a taste of it, you never really lose the need to see what is over that next horizon.

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