Want to learn Finnish?

I didn’t have much to talk about today. It was grey and cold, but not so bad. Took Shiva on a few walks via new paths. Oh, and she went to S-market with me, and sat outside and waited patiently for me. So that is going well.

December 7, 2014

This morning’s picture. December 7, 2014

I decided today to make this post a public service message by providing some helpful links on how to learn Finnish. I only wish that having these links did anything for my ability to learn the language, but it does appear that the requirement is that you open the links and actually study. Always a catch.

http://www.uusikielemme.fi/index.html Translates to “Our new language”. Very detailed.

http://www.fsi-language-courses.org/Content.php?page=Finnish This one is really cool, as it comes from the Foreign Services Institute (FSI) and was published around 1987. It contains links to the textbook and audio tapes. VERY comprehensive.

http://iteslj.org/v/f/ This one gives you tests. Very good to see what you really know.

http://www.101languages.net/finnish/finnish-flashcards/ I seem to have this obsession with flashcards. I just think they are a great way to help self-learn something.

http://www.uuno.tamk.fi/ This one has a lot of graphics, and is a bit fiddly to use, but could be a good supplement

http://www.dlc.fi/~marianna/gourmet/fin_glos.htm This isn’t so much about learning to speak Finnish, but is an indispensable tool for going shopping. I have it booked on my smartphone. It breaks down all the foods and gives you the Finnish names for them. It’s a 5-star!

http://www.digitaldialects.com/Finnish.htm This one has a lot of graphics, and since these are user-generated, I have found some mistakes on a few cards. Not enough to be off-putting, but you may notice them as you go through the cards.

http://www.flashcardmachine.com/ If you want to make flash cards to study with on the computer, you can use this program.

http://ilanguages.org/finnish.php A very basic course in learning a rudimentary level of Finnish. Still, more than I know yet.

http://quizlet.com/subject/finnish/ This also has user-generated vocabulary and flash cards. I haven’t been through this one quite enough to say how good it is.

I’d also purchased (when it was on mega-sale) the Pemsleur Approach CDs for Conversational Finnish. Yes, that is from the ads that you see popping up about the way to learn a language in 10 days and all that malarkey. While I need to listen to each lesson at least ten times to finally get any of it to stick (Teflon brain!), and the phrases seem pretty cheesy, I am finding that some of what stuck (and what I have forgotten but can recognize) are bits and pieces from every day conversation. I am probably going to dust it off and start off again. If you find it on sale (I think it was $24.99 on sale), it’s probably worth it to get.

My mom made me these flash cards from Avery business cards and lists that I sent her. I can put 48 of them in a 96 card business card holder (so that I can see back and front of the same card) and practice my Finnish words on the bus. Right now, I’m concentrating on common phrases, colors, months and days of the week, plus a few random vocabulary words tossed in. As I learn words, I can pull those out and replace them with new ones. I have about 500 other ones in the bag. I’ve got my work cut out for me!


I’m sure there are more links out there. Let me know if you’ve found any that worked particularly well (or that you think look pretty, but haven’t gotten around to using yet…) 🙂

My girls!

My girls!

Day 7 challenge (I remembered!): What do you feel guilty about right now? What I feel guilty about every day…that I can’t bring my kids over here (yet) to experience what I am experiencing. It’s probably a variation on the usual “mom guilt” of not being there on the spot when they need me, that uncomfortable part of them learning to stand on their own two feet, of making their own mistakes and me not being there to help pick up the pieces. Skype and Facebook are probably enough in principle, but not enough for the emotion. I just comfort myself with the knowledge that I’ve raised great girls, that one is getting here for Christmas, the other will be here for 2016 (hopefully), and the third will come when she can. I know it will work out, but I can’t help but feel some guilt.

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