Day 9 Challenge

Not much went on today, so here’s the challenge for Day 9: What’s something that you read today that made an impression on you?

Well, nothing much that I read today, as I spent most of the time updating files and enrolling in more classes and figuring out bus schedules and the like. But I did watch a video that had me misty-eyed. Does that count? Drunk driving video. Have tissues ready. With three kids of drinking and driving age, this subject is a close one. I think they are too smart to do something like drink and drive, but you want to make doubly sure, so I keep linking these.

In other news, found Viennetta ice cream. Used to be all the rage in the States when Breyer’s carried it. Can’t find it anywhere. Eat your heart out, sis!


Here’s a picture of Shiva waiting patiently for the elevator as we ride down to the ground.


And finally, a rant. I tweeted to Liptons as to why do they have to wrap their tea bags in paper? Luzianne doesn’t, and that tea tastes fine. But this mess comes from just unwrapping what I need to fit in my tea tin for the next two weeks. And I have a lot more tea to go. Can you imagine the amount of waste this generates and the amount of paper they use for nothing? Grrr.

20141209_121211 20141209_121217

That’s all for today. Thanks for tuning in, folks!

7 thoughts on “Day 9 Challenge

  1. You should visit the tea shop Chaya at Kluuvi. They carry a wide range of different types of loose tea, you can pretty much find everything at their shop. No extra wrappings for tea! I have also found that a cheap coffee maker makes the most delicious tea and with a coffee filter it’s no mess at all!


    • I drink what’s called ‘cold brew tea’, not hot tea. I wish I liked hot tea, because I adore the ritual surrounding serving it, but I don’t. I love tea cups and tea pots, but I have no use for them. But thanks for the tip; I have plenty of friends who like tea, and it could give me some ideas for gifts. 🙂


      • I prefer cold brew over hot tea myself as well, and to my knowledge most high quality teas are equally suited for both hot and cold brewing. (The taste and caffein content naturally vary depending on which method you use.)

        I also highly recommend the Chaya tea shop, their selection covers a wide range of tea varieties. (You can browse it online on their site: )


      • Just so you know when your stash is getting low, it’s underneath the escalators next to the ice cream van right in front of La Famiglia. They carry dozens of mixes of loose tea (and coffee).
        …and when I say coffee&tea shop, I don’t mean they’ll brew you any.


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