Day 10 Challenge

This morning’s picture. This is 8:45am, folks.

December 10, 2014

Went to class, came home, walked Shiva, went to IKEA, spent 3 hours in there…came home, ate dinner, walked Shiva…oh, an exciting day! Class had an interesting moment: we were talking about stores (kaupa), and we were talking about small stores versus shopping malls (ostos keskus), and so I was going to say that “Ikea is a big store.”, only she couldn’t understand what the word “ikea” was…which baffled me, because doesn’t EVERYONE know about Ikea? Only I was pronouncing it EYE-kee-ah, and she knew it as “Ee-keh-ah”. Silly Finns. 🙂

The holiday season is upon us. I found lots of nifty little holiday things to spruce up the place with at Ikea, and will get the house ready tomorrow. Then we have the division Christmas party to attend tomorrow night. Oh, and Sunday, we are going to head out to Senate Square to go visit the holiday booths and get into the spirit of things. I’m looking forward to it.


Day 10 Challenge Question: When was the last time you cried, and why?

That’s an easy one. August 16th, when I left my girls behind in Louisiana to start the move out this way. I’m not a crier, but I did cry on the way to North Carolina. I knew I was going to miss them, and I do. 😦

6 thoughts on “Day 10 Challenge

  1. IKEA!!! hahaha i’m so used to saying it the finn way that i forget how i’m saying it to the folks back home who say….. you shop where???
    i actually haven’t been to ikea since early october. usually i go every few weeks for something. i just haven’t been in the mood i guess.

    the holiday booths usually put me in the mood too. strolling downtown, the street performers, shop windows and lights are festive.

    awww those hard so-longs. i hear ya! 😦


    • You should go back. They’ve been asking about you. 🙂
      I was going every week, then fell off. A new friend I met on FB wanted to go, and her husband would drive us. A car! I could get some heavy/bulky stuff I had been putting off getting. 🙂
      I miss my girls a lot. At least one of them is coming up right after Christmas — so excited to see her!


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