It’s raining, it’s raining…

It’s just been raining for the past…forever. Okay, not even raining. Just…wet. Everything is soggy and sloshy. The bright spot? I get to slump around in my brightly colored wellies, and that does make me happy. But even those are starting to feel a bit old.  This morning’s picture was taken at nearly 9:30am…I just did not want to get out of bed! But when a doggy’s gotta go, a doggy’s gotta go! And momma has to take her!


Today’s plan was to just go to the Kumpulan Kampus stop, to the Arabia mall and buy some exciting things: light bulb, batteries and a long-necked lighter. Woo…living in the fast lane! I did get all those things, then headed back home (congratulating myself on a lower carbon footprint with my outings these days), and starting some ‘decorating’. I made the bed (no, that’s not part of the decorating, silly!), then got everything cleaned up enough to light candles. Man, I light candles all over the foikin’ place! I guess I’m lucky the smoke alarm didn’t go off (of course it didn’t, I wasn’t trying to cook!).

Okay, I admit it. I didn’t do much else, given how the drizzle just seemed to drain the energy from me. Even Shiva spent most of the day on the couch, sacked out.


Funnily enough, the energy seemed to come back after dinner. Shiva and I took a trip to the grocery store, then after we returned and dropped stuff off, we went back out to bring in some of nature. See, I got all inspired by a friend’s house, and wanted to add a bit of decor to mine. To be fair…I think mine turned out more like one of those Pinterest fails, but hey, we got out in the fresh (wet) night air.

20141219_205035 20141219_205454 20141219_205553

I’m probably going to find out that snipping greens and berries are some sort of punishable offense.

Funny thing I noticed on our walk tonight. Now, obviously, I’m not doing a whole lot of driving in Helsinki, but it seems to me that not many of the streets have any stop signs. Can’t say that I recall even one. You get to the end of the street and if it’s clear, you just go. Vrooom! At least I don’t have to perfect my California roll here.

20141218_171353 20141218_171330

See? No stop sign at the end of the street, and none at the end of any of the others we pass.

Day 19 Challenge Question: When was the last time you encountered unexpected beauty?

Don’t expect anything too deep here. But it was the other night, walking along and watching the grass sparkle. And while I’ve been here, having the opportunity to walk in the woods, and just enjoy the solitude (even with the city a shout away), I’m seeing beauty in so much here. I am awakening to a whole new appreciation for the life around me.


9 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s raining…

  1. i love arabia. not that i ever buy much because i’ve always walked there. well actually once there was a 6 liter soup pot i HAD to have and then was like damn now i have to carry this big pot all the way back home.
    anyway it’s a lovely walk for nature if you haven’t made the trek by foot yet we can give it a go.

    yea for bringing in the nature and cozying it up! if snatching up twigs and berries were a deportable crime i would have been outta here already so i think you’re safe!

    the nature is one of my favorite things about finland! i love how at least where we live away from the center that there is such a beautiful balance with nature and modern city.
    i am still in awe of this country it’s never grown pedestrian to me.

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    • Oh, you are too kind! Looks NOTHING like your place, which I aspire to. Until then, I’ll just have to come invade and soak in the craftiness of it and hope that some LITTLE bit rubs off on me! 🙂

      I agree with you about the nature. I am not a camper or ‘outdoorsy’ person by definition, but I can usually find beauty in all of it. And Finland is just wonderfully natural. While SE Louisiana certainly has its brand of ‘nature beauty’, there is something so pristine and clean about what you find here…which appeals to the not-country gal here (been there, done that, through with it by my twenties!)


  2. As far as I know, the four way stop is an American phenomenon and not that common elsewhere, so stop signs aren’t that common. That said, if you see one, it’s probably there for a good reason, so you should come to a complete stop, so no California rolls in stop sign intersections in Finland.

    Most other intersections (without lights) work by the basic rule that the one coming from the right (or the one driving straight if you have to turn to intersect their path) has the right of way. We also use the yield sign a lot more than I hear is common in the US, and it should be taken seriously as well. Both instances are ones where the California roll is a good practice; but if you see a car with the right of way approaching the intersection, the law requires you to clearly show you’re going to give them free passage.


  3. It’s a no-no to cut branches. You can pick the berries (assuming it’s not someone’s yard), but don’t harm the tree. Everyman’s rights are fairly clear on that. You can sort of assume the landowner’s rights apply otherwise.
    BTW, I think the white ones might be slightly poisonous. If the red ones are from rowan, they are not. (Edibility is a matter of personal opinion: they’re rather sour.) If not rowan, I wouldn’t know. The black ones could be bird cherries, which are also edible but may be poisonous to some mammals.

    Also, you’re going to get more than enough (spruce) needles in your house when you bring in (and even more so when throwing out) the christmas tree. Just saying.


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