Twas the night before…

…we were to leave for Oulu. Hah! Bet you thought I was going to say something else. 🙂

This morning’s picture:

December 21, 2014 around 9:10am

December 21, 2014 around 9:10am

Today dawned rather nicely, with blue skies interspersed with grey. The weather was mild, so much so that I pretty much just wore my sweatshirt and lined windbreaker out to walk Shiva and was perfectly comfortable. I even forgot my scarf and gloves, and it wasn’t really a bother.

We did some major exploration this morning, walking up and down and all around, until we found the dog park that we had found a few days ago. There was a large German Shepherd already there, but he was friendly, and his owner spoke English, so we talked a bit. Apparently, this dog park is rather popular, and he told me that some evenings there can be upwards of twenty dogs and owners congregated there. By the time I left, we were joined by a young Doberman, a terrier mix, a large mix with a shaggy coat that was a guide dog for an older blind lady who came around (totally makes my excuses not to get out invalid!), and a sort of Akita mix. It was a lively bunch, and all the dogs seemed to have a good time.

Dogs in the park!

Dogs in the park!


Here is my map for today. We walked over two miles today!



After we got back, it was time to head to the City Center and get some shopping done that I probably should have done yesterday. As we were leaving, big snowflakes were coming down from the sky! It was quickly sticking to the ground and creating a white sheet over everything. While walking through the city, I got to thinking about just how happy all the snow made me, coupled with the twinkling lights, the music playing from the stores and the street musicians, and the general holiday spirit. The crowds didn’t bother me; I actually felt like they added to the excitement of it all. It made me realize that it’s important to hang on to the feelings of happiness, to hug them close, and to totally revel in them when we have them. I think too many times we tend to dismiss them, as if too scared to enjoy them for fear of them being whisked away by the next ‘bad’ thing we can think of. Sure, the vendor that I wanted to buy some Christmas bread wasn’t there, but there were others, so no harm. Still happy! I was with my husband and so still happy! Going to be visiting family and see my daughter in less than a week. Still reasons to be happy! Things will come along to get us down, but I think that if we learn to really love the moments when we are happy, and not feel like we don’t deserve them, or that they are too fleeting, then they will become part of our outlook and help lift us out of the doldrums that much quicker.

Downtown Helsinki looked quite festive, even though I couldn’t really capture it in pictures. But I did try:

20141221_124834 20141221_140659

We took a ‘shortcut’ through the Kaisaniemi Metro station tunnel, which looks pretty cool. The walls are fashioned as if you are within a cave, with ‘cave paintings’ along the walls. When we entered, there was a fellow playing a violin, and the music echoed hauntingly off the walls, sounding so beautiful.


While at Kampii to visit Musti ja Mirri to get Shiva some dog food for the trip, we went into the chapel of silence, Kampii Chapel, there in the square. It’s built completely out of wood, and was designed to be a place of silence in the center of the city. It was very quiet, and I could see going there to simply sit and unwind during a hectic day. Besides the pews, there were these great woolen ‘rock’ pillows all around that you could sit on or just hang on to. Very cool.

20141221_152747 20141221_152753 20141221_153011

And, of course, to finish up the night, after getting home, there was the taking of the Shiva out for her walk. This was a bit more snow than her first time, but it still didn’t phase her. If it wasn’t for her butt, though, might lose sight of her against the snow! I’m worried about seeing her in Lapland!

20141221_180441 20141221_180458 20141221_181633  20141221_182044

Day 21 Challenge Question: What feelings does twilight arouse in you?

I am beginning to love twilight! It is the winding down of the day (even when it happens at 3pm!), and the beginning of wrapping it up, slowing down, and starting the ritual to get ready to rest and rejuvenate. It’s the time that I can cuddle with my hubby on the couch and watch our television shows, or cuddle with the Shiva-dog, or just slow down and let my mind wander. Of course, with twilight starting so early in the winter…well, I am getting more than enough rest and rejuvenation to last me!

And with this blogpost, I am probably incommunicado until the day after Christmas, maybe two days, when I return to Helsinki to get my daughter. And then from that point…probably out for another week. But, if I get internet access and or access to a computer, I might be able to update! And I might try out the mobile app…so be forgiving if you see some odd-looking posts here over the holidays.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday, and at the very latest, I will see you again in the new year! Remember, life is an adventure…live it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Twas the night before…

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Please wish Veli-Matti and his whole family a very merry Christmas from me. I will be envious of you spending the week after Christmas in Lapland, but know you are right…in the dark, with the snow and ice…well, that is just a recipe for disaster for me!


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