That’s a wrap!

I’m writing this final post of 2014 on my phone, while in Lapland, on holiday with my new husband and my youngest daughter. Wow. Who would have imagined that my life would have led me here? I have to say that in most respects, 2014 has been a year in which I have been very happy. I am looking forward to 2015 to have even more happiness, adventures and new experiences for me. I wish for all my friends and family to experience the peace, live and happiness that I have, and as my (former) sister-in-law is fond of saying, “Embrace your joy” for 2015!

I look forward to having many new things to share in my blog for the new year. I am grateful for each of you following me. Thank you for your support!

Moi moi, and see you next year!!


One thought on “That’s a wrap!

  1. Shiva looks so happy and content, but she should be, because she has her Mama with her and the snow and everything. She’s in doggie heaven, for sure! I miss everyone, and envy you this trip, but maybe next year…at least next spring!


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