And we start!

Wow, 2015 already…why do I feel so behind and it’s only the 3rd?

I have a lot to do and a lot to get caught up on, and I’m starting with this here blog o’mine. 🙂

The trip to Lapland is over, and I’ll post some pictures, but suffice it to say that it was a wonderful, lazy vacation, made even better by having my youngest daughter there. She hibernated like a bear, but when she bemoaned all of her sleeping, we went over the things accomplished, and realized that she had done everything we had set out to do, so why shouldn’t she sleep? And ergo…she sleeps. 🙂


Now, we are back in Helsinki, we’ve done some shopping, and today is her last day here with me, as she leaves tomorrow. 😦 It gives me a frowny face, but I am hopeful that she will return, perhaps in the summer or autumn, once more.

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Now, on to some business.

Got a letter back from KELA regarding them designating my medication under a B certificate. Seems they want the test results of various things, which I have had done, but I need to get from my doctor in New Orleans. So, once Wellu translates the KELA letter, I will email the doctor in the States and HOPEFULLY he (or rather, his assistant) can email those documents to me. I’m concerned there will be some sort of HIPAA hiccup in which he has to mail them, in which case I’ll have them sent to my mother’s address and then she can scan and email them.

In the meantime, for January, we have a decision to make. Do we pay the full 2000€ for the meds, with the intention of getting reimbursed 100% (less 3€) for the meds, or do we go forward as if we are in the current plan, get reimbursed 35%, have it count towards the deductible, and then only pay 1,50€ each successive month? It gets rather confusing, but I think we are going to pay for the meds (which has to be done in January, regardless), and let it count towards the deductible, which I think I will have met at that point, and only pay the 1,50€ each month after that. We ‘lose’ the money paid in, but I’m not sure how long this is all going to take, and I’d rather not have to pay out the 2000€ each month until it is figured out, and then wait for a refund. Clear as mud, eh?

Getting medical services is not as clear cut as the socialists would lead you to believe. And it’s not just for us immigrants. I’m hearing similar bureaucratic nightmares from native citizens, as well. Well, we now know that the U.S. doesn’t have a lock on paperwork red tape stories. If you come over to stay, bring your full medical records. The summary that I brought obviously doesn’t cut it.

I start classes on the 12th of January. They are five days a week, so it’s quite a commitment. As I think about arranging my schedule, I realize just how much freedom I’ve had these past few months, and it’s a bit jarring now to think of having to be somewhere EVERY. DAY. 🙂 Well, except weekends and holidays, of which there are plenty. Unfortunately, the lady at TE hasn’t replied to my email to confirm that she is making the change to my records for the class, so I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about how soon the benefits are going to start being paid. My calm in this is just to realize that it will happen when it does, and to just keep checking on it each week. Thank goodness for email (that doesn’t get answered, but whatever).

A bit of TMI…I think I have hit ‘that time’. Hot flashes galore. Isn’t so bad right now in the winter…but I hope this is all over by summer! Never thought it would come about, but gads and begora….here it be. 🙂

3 thoughts on “And we start!

  1. sounds like a whirlwind tour with much seen and experienced!
    frowny face that the visit has come to an end…. for now.
    hope she loved it and it brings her back around soon… summer… so lush so pretty!

    oh man on all that kela stuff! well shit.
    who knew?!
    yea clear as mud i’d say :/


  2. That healthcare stuff is really mostly due to money. Finland seems to spend below the OECD median, but the outcomes are fairly good. If more money was spent on it, I’m sure the flexibility could be improved on. Also, the experience varies a lot based on where you live.


  3. Sorry you’re having so much trouble with meds, but perhaps your experience will help someone else. I’m also sorry “that time” has come…I hope it will be over by summer. I won’t tell you how long my hot flashes lasted! Victoria’s visit seems so short, I know it does to you and to her…tell her to be sure and come back…and if she decides to stay, to bring her medical records, all sixty volumes of them!


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