Sad face.

My youngest daughter left today, to return to the States (and 74+ degree weather…). I was missing her before we even got off the bus. I think she had a good trip, as she is making plans to find some friend who can scrape up the money for a ticket and come back in May. Found them a really good fare (under $900) through Iceland. We’ll see if it works out.

Gonna make cooking my goal for 2015. Found a list of 26 Foods Everyone Should Know How to Cook in their 20s. I’m a bit older than that (just a tad), but since my nickname is The AntiCook…well, better late than never. And my mom bought me an online cooking course for Christmas…which I need to start doing. Yeah, yeah…plans and all that shit.

Just getting back into a routine and making a list of people I need to call or go see tomorrow and Tuesday to get things moving along. Fuck bureaucracy.

Here’s a picture of my daughter and I to make me feel better. But I miss her, all my girls, so much! Waah. /emotion


5 thoughts on “Sad face.

  1. awwww SAD FACE!
    i was like that when i left my girls last fall. it was a rough one after such a good visit.

    yeah for your cooking challenge!
    i’m in on a cooking challenge this year too. i just posted it on my blog.

    heads up: tuesday is epiphany so stores and government will be closed up tight.


  2. Aw heck. I have a daughter who lives in the States too, and she came for just a week at Christmas. It’s hard to see our kids go, but think of immigrants “way back when” who never saw their families again!


    • I have said over and over how grateful I am that we live in the age of Facebook, Skype and email. While it hurt to put her on that plane to go back home, at least I don’t have to miss her growing up. I get to see and talk to all my girls, either by text-chat, or on Skype…or even through the call feature on Facebook chat, which is really nifty!


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